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| SKILL1_CN =  
| SKILL1_CN =  
| SKILL1_JP = あんたらの目は節穴か?ここは通行止めよ?
| SKILL1_JP = あんたらの目は節穴か?ここは通行止めよ?
| SKILL1_EN = Don't you have eyes? This is a dead end.
| SKILL1_EN = Do those eye sockets hollow? This is a dead end.
| SKILL1_KR =  
| SKILL1_KR =  
| SKILL2_CN =  
| SKILL2_CN =  

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M870 Strategy Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 噗……你就是指挥官?如果公路上蠢蛋们的驾照都是你这幅德行,那我肯定宁愿被超速撞死呢~ うふふ......あんたが指揮官?路上のバカどもの免許写真がそんな顔だったら、あたしはスピード違反の車に轢かれて死ぬ方がマシだよ~Play Oh... You're the Commander? If all the idiots on the highway drives like you, I'd rather die in a car crash~
Introduction (同上) (Same as above)
Secretary 别丢人了~如果按你那种工作效率执法,我的子弹连300km的时速都上不了呢~ みっともないね~あんたみたいなやり方で仕事してたら、弾が時速300キロあっても終わらないわ~Play Stop embarrassing yourself~ If I had your productivity, my bullets won't even reach 300km/hr~
你要是上了666号公路,最好准备一些苏打水,不然我可不能保证你的交通安全……噗嗤,吓尿了? 666号ハイウェイを通るのなら、炭酸水を用意した方がいいわよ?でないと身の安全は保証できない...うふふ、どうしたの?ビビって漏らしちゃった?Play If you're gonna get on Route 666, you better prepare some sparkling water or else I can't guarantee your safety... Pshh, did you pee your pants?
啧啧~这样袭警可不能装没看见呢,要罚单还是学狗叫,选一个吧。 あらあら、警官を襲撃だなんて、これは見逃せないわね。大人しく罰金を払うか犬の鳴き真似でもするか、選びのよ。Play Tsk, tsk~ I can't ignore the assault of a police officer. Do you want a fine or do you want to bark like a dog?
Secretary (post OATH)
I gotta keep my eyes on you today, Commander. I won't miss anything that can happen to an idiot like you, not even a moment. Behave yourself, okay?
Tsk.. Commander, is this your way of weaseling out a ticket? Since you're trying so hard, I'll let you off with a verbal warning this time~ But don't think you're getting off so easily the next time I catch you. Hehe~
Greeting あんたのおもちゃの車は亀さんとでも事故ったの?Play Did your toy car gett in an accident with a turtle?
T-Doll Produced 新入り、運転免許を見せてみ。Play New recruit, show me your driving license.
Joining an echelon お嬢ちゃん達、あたしの部隊ならシートベルトは不要だよ。Play Little girls, wearing seatbelt is a must in my echelon.
Enhancement 賄賂なら、最低でも炭酸水の1本は頂かないと。Play If you're going to bribe, give me at least one bottle of carbonated drink.
Dummy-linking こんな角度から自分の可愛い顔眺めるのは初めて~!Play It's the first time I'm looking at my lovely face~!
Logistics (start) 安全運転して欲しいなら、もっと速いトラックを用意することね。Play If you want me to drive safely, prepare me a faster truck.
Logistics (end) 何か探し物?あんたにあげるような化粧品はないわよ?Play Looking for something? There's no way I'd give you my cosmetics.
Autobattle 巻き返しを図るのはバカだけの特権じゃないのよ。Play
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission バカども、見廻りの時間よ。Play Idiots, it's time for patrol.
Starting a battle 青信号を無視するバカには罰金ね。Play
Skill activation あんたらの目は節穴か?ここは通行止めよ?Play Do those eye sockets hollow? This is a dead end.
あんたらを記念品としてあたしの盾に飾ってもいいわよ?Play I'll decorate your souvenir with my shield.
あんたらのアホ面、あたしでさえ可哀想に思えてきたよ。Play I feel bad for your stupid looks.
Heavily damaged なっ、なに!?どういうこと?あたし今めちゃくちゃやばいの?Play Eh, what?! What's the meaning of this? I'm in a mess!
Retreat 指揮官のやつ、何をやらかしたの!?Play
MVP かなり赤切符を切ったけど、どれぐらいボーナス貰えるのかな~Play
Restoration あたしを痛い目に遭わせたあの野郎ども!もう切符は切らない!次はその場で射殺よ!Play
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween ガキ「…」のお菓子をただであげる訳ないじゃん。そんなに欲しいのなら炭酸水と交換よ。Play There's no way I'll give you brats these sweets. If you want it that bad, trade it with carbonated drink.
Christmas あたしの「…」装置」がサンタのじじを特定したみたい。あいつのそりもあたしの「…」完成から逃れられないね。Play
New Year's Day 新しい年を迎える度に惨めになっていくのはさぞか楽しいんでしょうね。


Valentine's day あたしのチョコが欲しい?うふふ、可愛い可愛い指揮官今日はエプリルフールじゃないんだよ?


You want my chocolate? Ufufu, adorable Commander, today is not April Fools you know?
Tanabata 今晩は違法中「…」人もオッケーするわ!


Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Defense Play
Phrase Play
Tip Play
Loading Play