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A list of all the major and minor characters that currently appear in the story, listed by faction and/or team.


Griffin and Kryuger, Private Military ContractorEdit

Player's faction. A private military company, contracted to contain Sangvis Ferri's rogue AIs.

Palette TeamEdit

Temporary task force assigned under RO635's command during Ch. 4M, consists of dolls from different countries

Team NegevEdit

Trio of Israeli dolls that are featured in Ch. 6

FN SquadronEdit

Composed of dolls produced by FN Herstal. A G&K owned task force, on top of main story interactions, they are also known as a "inter-dimensional" team and are often called in to deal with collaboration events.

Team ATKEdit

Main characters of the Glory Day collab with DJMAX RESPECT. Often perform in GKTV concerts.

Team ThompsonEdit

Team of American-designed dolls, featuring in Ch. 2 Midnight and M14's upgrade story.

Team MakarovEdit

Team of Russian dolls that feature in Ch. 3 Midnight and SV-98's upgrade story.

Team GrozaEdit

Team of Russian dolls that feature in SV-98's upgrade story.

Team M99Edit

Team of Chinese dolls that feature in Ch. 5 Midnight and Type 64's upgrade story.

Team WelrodEdit

Team of English dolls, appeared during IDW's remodel story, also mentioned during ch. 8 Midnight.

Team BAREdit

Team led by M1918, appeared during M1918's remodel story.

Team IWSEdit

Composed of Austrian T-dolls. A G&K owned task force that featured in Ch. 8 Midnight

Team KarEdit

Team lead by German T-dolls that featured in Ch.10 Midnight.

Griffin's MisfitsEdit

Provisional team of rookie dolls active during the events of Continuum Turbulence. Rescued 9A-91's team, Thompson's team, and MP40's logistics squad while under the leadership of AR HK416 HK416     .

Gentaine's T-DollsEdit

T-Dolls that Gentiane leads in the story of the manga.

Tean MisfitsEdit

A temporary team consists of ragtag dolls who need debugging, tasked to retrieve Ouroboros' spare body and digimind backup during Dual Randomness.

Team GrizzlyEdit

Team lead by Grizzly MKV that featured in Outer Polaris.

Puzzle SquadEdit

Team lead by VHS that featured in Mirror Stage.

Griffin SquadEdit

A team of elite dolls lent to Commander by Griffin Lyons to provide aid during their mission in Berlin.


Division of IOP Manufacturing Company that handles R&D. Contracted by G&K for combat drones, equipment, calibration, and enhancement.

  • Persica, head of research and development. Former 90Wish member.

Anti-Rain TeamEdit

Team of experimental assault-rifle dolls, sent by Persica to recover information about Lycoris's research on advanced AI. 16LAB later contracts G&K to rescue the team after they are ambushed and targeted by Sangvis Ferri dolls. All of them use a weapon based from the AR-15 platform.

Important Operation Prototype Manufacturing Company, IOPEdit

Parent company of 16LAB and manufacturer of T-Dolls. Contracted for both light and heavy doll construction.

  • Harvey Welkin, Executive President and Founder of IOP. First appears in Chapter 9 at the military press conference and banquet.
  • Mikhachi, Weitkin's close friend and research partner. Mentioned in extra material.

Sangvis Ferri|Sangvis Ferri Industrial Manufacturing Co. Ltd.Edit

A Eastern European company that was partnered with IOP before WW3, and became its closest competitor during the war. The Butterfly Incident resulted in an AI takeover of the company and the death of all its human employees.

  • Lycoris, head of SF's R&D department. His death during a raid on SF was the direct cause of the Butterfly Incident.
  • Elisa, AI Commander of SF, created by Lycoris in an attempt to make the perfect AI.
  • Agent, Model SP47, Rain's assistant.
  • Judge, Model SPSP, Rain's bodyguard, Boss of ch. 9 and ch. 10.
  • Dreamer, Model SPACA, Boss of ch. 7 and ch. 8.
  • Alchemist, Model SP7C, Boss of ch. 6.
  • Destroyer, Model SP5NANO, Dreamer's partner, Boss of ch. 5 and Operation Deep Dive.
  • Intruder (also called "Disruptor" in game files), Model SP914, Boss of ch. 4.
  • Hunter, Model SP721, Boss of ch. 3.
  • Executioner, Model SP88(old)/SP524(new), Boss of ch. 2.
  • Scarecrow, Model SP65, Executioner's partner, boss of ch. 1 and ch. 0.
  • Ouroboros, Model SP235, Boss of Operation Cube.
  • Architect, Model SPzh3000, Boss of Operation Arctic Warfare.
  • Gager, Model SP21, Boss of Operation Arctic Warfare.

Special Operations Forces Command (KCCO)Edit

(Russian: командование сил специальных операций; KCCO) An elite branch of the Army of the New Soviet Union. Possessing far more resources and manpower than GK or SF, the Army prefers not to get involved until absolutely needed. However, a few of its generals have taken a keen notice of Sangvis Ferri's developments, particularly in Elisa and SF's Parapluie virus.

Bureau of State SecurityEdit

(Russian: Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации; FSB) The New Soviet Union's principal security agency. Griffin and Kryuger are contracted under the agency after the events of Continuum Turbulence. Successor to the Committee for State Security (Комите́т Госуда́рственной Безопа́сности; KGB). Supposedly on good terms with the Russian Air Force, and at political odds with the Army.

  • Zielinski, Chief of the Bureau of State Security. As his chief concern is the safety and stability of Russian interests, his goal is to bring Russia to advantageous negotiating terms with the rest of the Pan-European Alliance while still maintaining peace.
  • K, an FSB agent. Appears in Ch.11 as a person of interest, and Isomer as the Commander's supervisor.
  • Malorhe, K's personal maid doll.
  • Angelia, a former Bureau agent and Griffin commander, officially stated as having "gone rogue" following the events of Singularity. Shown to still be working and negotiating with Zielinski during Isomer, albeit as more of an independent entity than a working agent.
  • Misha, a KGB agent and former chief of the KGB until he was succeeded by Zielinski at the same time as the formation of the Bureau of State Security. Briefly mentioned in Singularity.

No affiliation/UnknownEdit

Team 404Edit

A team of "renegade" dolls led by UMP45. Occasionally does contracts for G&K. Features in Operation Cube, Arctic Warfare, Operation Deep Dive, Operation Singularity (cameo appearance), and Operation Continuum Turbulence. Secretly funded by Angelia and used as her "personal black ops team".

  • SMG UMP45 UMP45     , leader of 404. Implied to be of SF design in Deep Dive and Singularity.
  • SMG UMP9 UMP9     , UMP45's sister.
  • AR HK416 HK416     
  • AR G11 G11     
  • Dier, 404's hired technician.
  • Sier, Dier's twin sister, also hired by 404.

Task Force DEFYEdit

Angelia's primary team. Shows up at the end of chapter 10 to rescue M4A1.

  • Angelia, human leader. Originally the human commander of AR team, she narrowly avoided death at the hands of Agent and split up with them during Chapter 0, after which AR Team's memory of her was erased. She later joined the FSB as an agent, only to be branded as a traitor after the events of Singularity. Despite this, she still keeps contact with Zelinski and follows her orders as a FSB operative.
  • AR AN-94 AN-94     , military-spec doll. Implied to be a doll designed for clandestine operations for the FSB.
  • AR AK-12 AK-12     , military-spec doll. Implied to be a doll designed for clandestine operations for the FSB. Notable for her electronic warfare and hacking capabilities.
  • AR ST AR-15 ST AR-15     , recovered and remodeled after the events of Chapter 6 by 404, under the orders of Angelia.
  • AR M4A1 M4A1     , remodeled during the events of Operation Singularity by AK12.


A mysterious group of exceptionally talented hackers, programmers, and researchers. Disbanded after Persica and Lycoris published the group's research on AI to the outside world, though not before multiple assassination attempts forced both researchers into hiding.

  • Persica, former member.
  • Lycoris, former member.
  • William, former member. Holds a grudge against Lyco and Persica. Survives the events of Girls' Frontline and makes a reappearance in Bakery Girl.


A group of religious fanatics who revere ELID as a holy disease and ELID sufferers as "incorruptible." Their infantry are implied to be infected humans locked in warsuits that preserve their health, at the cost of their freedom. These infantry are led by a mysterious group of sisters that call themselves Nyto. They feature in Continuum Turbulence, Ch. 11, and Isomer. They appear to have some connection with 90wish.

  • "Father", implied to be the creator of the Nytos. Referenced during Isomer, implied to be William.
  • Nyto Black, appears in Continuum Turbulence as an infantry leader and interrogator.
  • Nyto White, appears in Continuum Turbulence as Black Nyto's superior. Fights alongside Black Nyto.
  • Nyto Silver, named "Mercurows" appears in Isomer disguised as a civilian doll alongside Nimogen.
  • Nyto Gold, named "Nimogen." Appears in Isomer disguised as a civilian doll alongside Mercurows.


Other characters in no particular group. Often only side characters mentioned in a side story.