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Leone Michel
Full name Leone Michel
Affiliation Paradeus (formerly)
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown

"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Leone Michel[1] was a senior researcher in plant organisms at the Flora Institute of Bremen, specializing in herbaceous species.[2] She was also the head of the plant-worshiping cult at the institute and provided Paradeus with a bioengineered specie of Epiphyllum modified to act as a Collapse Fluid bomb. Leone's involvement with the terrorist organization was eventually revealed by Angelia, and she met her death at Paradeus' hands in Berlin.


Story Involvement

Flora Institute

At some point, Leone and the Flora Institute entered a partnership with Paradeus through Lady Gray and the Galatea Pharmaceutics Corporation.[1] Leone would search for a way to control the Epiphyllum blooming and make the flower into a timed Collapse Fluid bomb,[3] while Paradeus provided resources to the institute in return.[4] Gray had also attempted to directly recruit Leone into Paradeus[1][5] and she was also involved with the terrorist German Independence Party.[6]

In the latter half of 2064, Leone was about to hand the perfected Epiphyllum bomb over to Paradeus[7] when they informed her that PECMAR inspectors were coming to the institute and provided them with military equipment to defend themselves. With the other researchers/cultists lying in wait in the secret labs, Leone welcomed Angelia, Morridow and Hopps, but her nervousness made it plain to see that she was hiding something and she released hallucinogenic pollen in the building in an attempt to take them out.[2] However, Paradeus had not warned the cultists that Task Force DEFY and the Stasi would also be present, making quick work of the untrained cultists.

Leone took refuge in her office but she was found by MG RPK-16 RPK-16 RPK-16, who pointed out that Paradeus had condemned the Flora Institute by pitting them against a force they couldn't fight, and tortured Leone to reveal the location of her research data, even using Leone's hate of Dolls to trick her into spending all the bullets in her gun against her so she couldn't take her own life afterward. RPK-16 then claimed Paradeus had already destroyed all the data and Leone was handed to the Stasi.[4] Leone's arm remained in a cast for a long time after RPK-16 broke several of her fingers, and she became deathly afraid of the Doll.[7] The list of contacts in Leone's phone was used by Ange to determine the next target of her investigations of Paradeus in Bremen, the Berle Orphanage.[6]

In Berlin

In September 2064, Leone was secretly transferred to Berlin along with the other criminals caught during Angelia's investigations in Bremen. Leone had been deemed insane[8] and sent to the local Galatea Sanatorium instead of being imprisoned. Leone accepted readily when Angelia arranged to meet with her,[1] but was much more guarded and refused to share any information when they met because she had been threatened by Gray, only warning Ange that she didn't have the power to oppose Gray.[7] Ange returned to see Leone after her raid on Galatea's Epiphyllum warehouse and offered her a deal to exchange intel against protection from Paradeus, her attack against Galatea serving as a demonstration of her ability to protect her. Leone accepted and revealed the nature of the experiments she had conducted for Paradeus and the list of locations she had delivered modified Epiphyllum flowers.[3]

To Leone's great dismay, Ange assigned MG RPK-16 RPK-16 RPK-16 as her bodyguard[9] and took AR AK-15 AK-15 AK-15 and AR AN-94 AN-94 AN-94 as backup when she attended Gray's clinic to have her prosthetic arm serviced and try to extract intel from Gray. Gray realized that Leone had leaked information to Ange[5] and ordered a full assault on the Galatea Sanatorium to eliminate her. Since J's Stasi contingent could not stop the attackers, RPK-16 ran away with Leone[9] but they were found by a Nyto White who killed Leone before committing suicide, in the same way that the rest of the attackers had taken poison before launching their assault.[10] There was no security footage of Leone's death,[11] which was likely part of RPK-16's plan to conceal her role in facilitating Leone's death as Paradeus sleeper agent Pandora.



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