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Kord Story Quotes Live2D


Kord as a T-Doll is having a difficult time turning down requests, even the most outrageous ones, she can be easily irritated by the smallest mistakes in daily life and continues to talk about it. Facing the daily stress, she prefers to hold it in and keep on smiling, however she will take her anger out on her enemies.

Story Involvement[edit]

She made her first appearance in Shattered Connexion event Chapter 2 as member of Griffin Recon Group B, while it is unknown whether she's the only one in this team or there are some other members.

She was reporting the current situation to AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 . Her team made it to the kill zone to provide help with the operation. The power hub has been destroyed, indicating that they can begin make their way to the city center. There are also slight tremor and signal interference has gotten worse, strengthening Zener signal would be necessary. Right after the transmission ended, infected creatures approached her and she prepared herself for some action.