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Jashin-chan Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 诶,这里是哪里?就是你在召唤我吗?哼哼♪没错,我就是小邪神。那么,人类把我叫出来做什么? あれ、どこですのここ?お前が私を召喚したのか?ふふん♪その通り、私が邪神ちゃんですの。人間がこの私を呼び出すなんて何させる気ですの?Play 어라, 여긴 어디죠? 음? 당신이 절 불러낸 건가요? 후후~ 맞아요, 제가 바로 사신짱이랍니다~ 인간이 무슨 일로 절 불러냈나요? Eh? What's this place? Are you the one who summoned me? Heheh. ♪ That's right, I'm Jashin-chan. So what do you want with me, Human?
Secretary ……都说了我不冷!不要给我强塞衣服了!只有弱者才需要穿衣服,像我这样的强者根本不需要!当然,披风除外! ……だから寒くないって!私に服を着せるのはやめろ!服なんてものは弱い奴が着る物であって、私のような強い奴には必要ないんですの!もちろん、ケープは除く!Play 그러니까 안 춥다니까요! 억지로 옷 입힐려고 하지 말아요! 약한 녀석만 옷 입을 필요가 있지, 저 같은 강자는 필요 없다고요! 물론, 망토는 예외고요! ...I told you, I'm not cold! Stop putting clothes on me! Clothes are for the weak! A powerful being like me has no need for such things! Capes are the only exceptions, obviously!
ATM!你在哪里啊,ATM?诶,是指挥官啊,我找不到美杜莎了……没事,现在我不用找她了嘿嘿,有指挥官在也行! ATM!どこにいるんだATM?なんだ、指揮官でしたの。メデューサを探してたんだけど……もう探さなくて平気ですの。ヘヘ、指揮官が来たのならそれでヨシ!Play ATM! 어딨어요, ATM? 아, 지휘관이군요. 메두사를 찾던 중이었는데 필요 없어졌네요, 지휘관으로도 괜찮아요! ATM! Where are you, ATM? Oh, it's you, Commander. Medusa is nowhere to be found… But that's fine, I don't need her anymore, heheh. You'll do!
你今天怎么没精打采的,是哪里不舒服吗?那我是不是可以随便欺负你了……算了,有什么想吃的吗?我做给你吃。 何をしょげているんですの。どこか気分でも良くないとか?ってことは、今ならお前を虐め放題なんじゃ……まあいいですの、何か食べたいものはあるか?私が作ってあげますの。Play 왜 기운이 없어 보이나요? 어디 불편한가요? 그럼 이 기회에 실컷 괴롭혀줄 수 있는 게... 됐고, 뭐 먹고 싶은 거 있나요? 제가 만들어 줄게요. What's wrong with you today? Are you feeling ill? Does that mean I can bully you all I want…? Never mind. Got anything you wanna eat? I'll cook it for you.
Secretary (post OATH)
계, 계약을 맺었다고 절 맘대로 할 수 있을 거라 생각 말라고요! 이 사신짱의 자존심은 엄청 강하다고요! 네? 식사 사준다고요? 그거 좋죠, 당장 출발하자고요!
D-Don't think you can have your way with me just because we have a contract! It takes a lot more to bend the will of Jashin-chan! You're treating me to dinner? Okay, let's go then!
この指輪が、人間が契約を結ぶときに使われるもの?人間ってやっぱり面倒な生き物ですの…… 私達のいた魔界なら……魔界だとどうだったか私も知らなかった! と、とにかく、その短い命でちゃんと私の事を可愛がるんだぞ、人間!
이 반지가 인간이 계약을 맺을 때 쓰는 물건인가요? 정말 인간은 사서 고생한다니까요... 우리 마계에서는... 어... 마계에선 어쨌더라... 아, 아무튼! 그 짧은 인생 동안 절 잘 보살피라고요, 인간!
You humans seal contracts with rings like this? You guys are so fussy… Back in Hell… Fine, I don't know how it's done in Hell, alright?! In...In any case, you'd better spend your pitifully short life loving me, puny human!
Greeting 喂,指挥官,你怎么才来啊?!咖喱放凉了可就不好吃了! ちょっと指揮官、今更来たんですの?!カレーがもう冷めちゃってますの!Play 저기, 지휘관, 이제야 왔나요?! 카레가 다 식겠잖아요! Hey, Commander, what took you so long?! Curry is only good when it's piping hot!
T-Doll Produced 有谁来了!是恶魔还是天使呢…… 誰か来ましたの!悪魔と天使、どっちなんだろう……Play 누가 왔네요? 악마이려나 천사이려나... Someone's here! Is it a devil or an angel…?
Joining an echelon 既然成为了我的小弟,就要乖乖听我的! 私の子分になったからには、大人しく私の言う事を聞くんだぞー!Play 제 수족이 됐이면 제 말을 잘 따르라고요! Now that you're my underling, you'd better do as I say!
Enhancement 感觉好一般,所以我可以吃布丁了吗? まあまあですの。そろそろプリンを食べてもいいですの?Play 그럭저럭하네요, 이제 푸딩 먹어도 되는 거 맞죠? This tastes meh. Can I eat some pudding?
Dummy-linking 一、一模一样的我?!玩扭蛋机会打起来吧! わ、私のそっくりさんだと?!ガチャポンしたら喧嘩しちまうな!Play 저랑 붕어빵이라고요?! 뽑기하다 싸움 터지겠다! A-Another me, completely identical?! We'll tear each other apart at gacha machines!
Logistics (start) 听上去就好累,我可以不去吗? めんどくそうだし、行かなくてもいい?Play 딱 봐도 귀찮은데... 안 가면 안 되려나? That sounds exhausting. Can I not go?
Logistics (end) 啊,终于回来了……米诺斯,我们去吃牛肉火锅吧。 あー、ようやく帰って来れましたの……ミノス、牛肉火鍋食べに行くぞー。Play 으아아, 겨우 돌아온 거예요... 미노스, 같이 소고기 전골 먹자고요. Phew, I'm finally back… Minos, let's go get some beef hotpot.
Autobattle 没问题的啦,我很自律的……不是那个意思?没什么差啦,在家等我回来吃饭就行。 大丈夫大丈夫、私、自律してるし……そういう意味じゃない?まあ大差ありませんの。家で、私がご飯作りに帰ってくるのを待つんですの。Play 괜찮아요, 괜찮아, 전 이미 자율적이니까... 그게 아니라고요? 뭐 별 차이없죠, 제가 밥하러 올 때까지 기다리라고요. Don't worry! I have a lot of self-discipline… That's not what you mean? Doesn't matter, just don't start eating before I come home.
Title 少女前线! / 小邪神前线 ドールズフロントライン! / 邪神ちゃん前線


소녀전선! / 사신짱 전선 Girls' Frontline! / Jashin-chan's Frontline

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 好好干,不要丢我小邪神的脸啊! しっかりやれよ、私の顔に泥を塗る事がないようにな!Play 잘하라고요! 제 얼굴에 먹칠할 일 없도록요! Put your back into it! Don't disgrace me!
Starting a battle 糟蹋食物的家伙就是你们?! 食べ物を粗末にしたのはお前らか?!Play 음식을 낭비한 놈이 네 녀석이냐!? Are you the ones who waste precious food?!
Skill activation 小邪神飞踢! 邪神ちゃんドロップキック!Play 사신짱 드롭킥! Jashin-chan Dropkick!
皇家哥本哈根! ロイヤルコペンハーゲン!Play 로열 코펜하겐! Royal Copenhagen!
邪神脊髓拳! 邪神ちゃん脊髄パンチ!Play 사신짱 척추 펀치! Jashin Spinal Punch!
Heavily damaged 百合铃救命啊!!! ゆりねたすけてぇえ!!!Play 으에엥 유리네! 구해줘요!! Help, Yurine!!!
Retreat 呜呜……别打了!别打了! ひぃい……やめろ! やめてくれぇー!Play 히이익! 그만... 그만해! Ugh… Stop hitting me! Stop it!
MVP 让我做了这么辛苦的工作,没有十个布丁我是不会原谅你的! こんなキツイ仕事をさせるなんて、プリン10個分でもくれなきゃ許さないですの!Play 이렇게 힘든 일을 시키고, 푸딩 열 개라도 안 주면 용서 안 할 거예요! You asked me to do all that hard work, you'd better reward me with ten puddings, or I won't forgive you!
Restoration 对我这样高贵的魔族来说,修理根本就是浪费——啊啊啊,痛! 私みたいな高貴な魔族から言わせると、修理なんてのは無駄以外の何物でも――ああああ、いだだだだ!Play 저 같은 고귀한 마족한텐 말이죠, 수리는 낭비나 다름없느아아악!! 아파아파! Repairs are totally unnecessary on a mighty devil like me— Ow, ow, ow, that hurts!
Attack 冲啊!打完了就可以下班吃火锅了! いっけー!終わったら火鍋だいー!Play 가라! 끝나고 전골 먹자! Charge! Once we're done with this, we can go home and eat hotpot!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
New Year's Day
Valentine's day

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Defense 别嚣张!待会就把你们都做成烤肉! 調子に乗るなよ!あとで焼肉にしてやるからな!Play 건방 떨지 마라! 이따가 구워 먹어줄 테다! Don't get too cocky! I'll turn you all to roast meat!
Phrase 好心借我点钱吧!一定会还的! お金貸してほしいですの!必ず返すから!Play 돈 좀 빌려주라고요! 꼭 갚을 테니까요! Be a good sport and lend me some money! I'll definitely pay you back!