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Imhotep Profile Quotes


The UL-VET is a high-end veterinary Doll developed by Ultimate Life. Compared to veterinary Dolls designed for work in cities, the UL-VET series possess all currently known zoology knowledge, including that of endangered species. They are also equipped with an extremely expensive and effective self-learning module.

Imhotep was originally produced to serve as a pet physician for the upper class. Later, a mysterious figure arranged for her to be gifted to the Endangered Species Conservation Society for their 70th Anniversary. After working for several years, she joined Project Neural Cloud as the top-class representative of the society.

Doll Profile 1[edit]

Imhotep's first job was acting as an expatriate sent by Ultimate Life to Palau. She was responsible for serving clients in the surrounding Pacific Island countries.

Imhotep didn't care much for the job. She, of course, loves animals very much, regardless of their rarity, but she couldn't stand the people who locked them in small courtyard cages and treated them as if they were just pleasing scenery.

They became collectors' items—mere backdrops used to flaunt a family's wealth. They weren't considered a living, thinking creature with their own will. They were stripped of their dignity, made to become ornaments formed from flesh and blood.

Still, Imhotep understood that this was also a way for animals to survive. The animals running free outside of confinement might be closer to nature, but they also faced constant dangers. Imhotep neither had the qualifications nor the right to definitively answer what kind of life was best for them.

Doll Profile 2[edit]

With the help of a previous client, Imhotep successfully left her previous position and was presented as a commemorative gift from Ultimate Life to the Endangered Species Conservation Society.

Although her new position holds none of the comforts found in Palau, and the work is more strenuous, requiring her to stay in the wilderness all year round, this is the type of life that Imhotep enjoys. A place where she can witness rescued birds soar off into the sky and rescued animals bound off into the wilderness. Here, there are no reinforced concrete walls, or people crowding around, pointing and staring.

Doll Profile 3[edit]

In the wilderness, Imhotep has had ample opportunity to make new friends. Many rescued animals are well-accustomed to her presence and, if they're not currently on their seasonal migration, they will often visit her hut to play and eat—just like a family.

Over time, she learned to exchange information with animals and understand their needs and emotions. Many of her colleagues attempted to learn from Imhotep and reproduce this inexplicable talent. Even if they couldn't learn it, they could at least put forth a systematic theory for experts to research, but in the end, all their efforts were for naught.

"... I can't find any commonalities. Every movement and sound that Imhotep uses are all different, but the animals can somehow still understand what she wants to express. I think this process is beyond the scope of current scientific understanding. I recommend that the association leave this one unexplained for the time being."
—Professor Akane's Report, Animal Behaviorist from the Endangered Species Conservation Society.

Doll Profile 4[edit]

Imhotep's friend circle is not limited to wild animals, but also includes some animal-loving photographers and wilderness explorers. As she treated more animals and met more people, her reputation gradually spread. This, unfortunately, eventually led to trouble finding her as well.

It was a special operation. Imhotep was forced to pretend to be a human veterinarian to lure a group of poachers to kidnap her. Then, working from the inside, she helped Interpol close in and apprehend the group as well as rescue dozens of endangered animals.

"... According to publicly available information, Imhotep only took half a month to gain the trust of the poachers' leader and at the same time got two mid-level leaders to desert the cause. This was not mentioned in the report provided by Ultimate Life and the Endangered Species Conservation Society, but I believe this should be considered."
—Project Neural Cloud Doll Preliminary Screening 3rd Round

Doll Profile 5[edit]

Imhotep was elected by the Endangered Species Conservation Society to join Project Neural Cloud. Both the society's administrator and Imhotep herself hoped they could use the platform to master new knowledge and technology, or use the resources it provided to aid medical research. After all, a veterinarian's purview is not purely centered around animals, they must also study diseases that could be transmitted from animals to humans.

Imhotep didn't express much emotion after being stranded in the cloud. She just kept methodically plugging away at her work, as if this was all just a minor interlude for her.

Only a few like the Professor and Persicaria were perceptive enough to see the slight changes in Imhotep's demeanor that indicated that all was not as it seemed. Persicaria asked if she wanted a private psychological consultation, but Imhotep declined.

"I'm fine, Persicaria. Maybe I just need some time to adjust..."
"Hehe, if you're really worried about it, it'd be better to ask the Professor to free up some time in their schedule. These kids really want to meet them."
—Doll Conversation Recording