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This page is a list of tasks that needs to be completed. This list is in no particular order.


There are several pages tagged with the Stubs category, which need to be expanded. Please see Category:Stubs for a list of all pages which need further work.


  • Add EN Server registration/setup outside of UK/USA/...
  • Create calendar for EN Server
  • Update or remove of the Uncensor text
  • Template Documentation has to be created/updated

Equipment Production

  • Adding formula caps and common formulas of fairies.


Most T-Doll are missing Chinese/Japanese/English quotes.

Please see: Category:Missing_Quote_English, Category:Missing_Quote_Chinese, Category:Missing_Quote_Korean, Category:Missing_Quote_Japanese
Just for reference the old category: Category:English_line_translation_needed

T-Doll Template

  • Split up the current layout
    • Make all artwork stick together
  • Create a button to make Live2D fullscreen

T-Doll Overview

  • (T-Doll Index) Maybe add an indicator for new T-Dolls? So like, a release date for T-Dolls so one can sort them to see which are the newest ones
  • There is no way to find out when a doll or equipment got released
  • (T-Doll Index) Maybe add categories and filters for "Event only" and "Drop Only" T-Dolls
  • Add a filter for "buffed type (AR, SG, ...)" and "buff type (DMG, EVA, ...) to the tile search
  • Brainstorming about skills (how to make an overview, maybe some kind of grouping,...)


Combat mechanics need to be filled. If you're interested but have no knowledge of all the mechanics/formulas, visit the wiki discord channel. Also, the planning mode is missing and should be added.


  • General overview of what to buy in the shop
  • Maybe some help on how to buy it / restrictions
  • General advice
  • Continuous translation of short-time-buyables


  • Missing all the furniture info on Dormitory page. If you're willing to do some furniture set translation, please leave a message at our discord channel.
  • Costume data on Dormitory page needs a big update or should be removed
  • Add information about how many batteries the upgrade of the fairy facilities costs


  • We currently are missing images of the tactical maps for all in-game missions. We also need (at the very least) the S-rank requirements for each mission. Guides for completing or S-ranking missions would be appreciated, but are not of high priority.
  • A template for missions should be created


Story pages currently needs to be translated and converted into slides using Template:StorySlider.


  • Add missing Command-Point-Cost parameter
  • Adding missing fairy pages
    • Create the pages for the other fairies
    • Add information to the existing ones


  • Make the Enemy pages and Asssimiliated Unit pages pretty


Below is a list of pages that needs to be constantly updated and maintained:

Main Page, Events and Updates

Link the corresponding Events and Updates for each banner/promotion/update slider. e.g. Events/2017/March#Into the Soul Package for the package promotion.

T-Doll Production and Equipment Production pages

T-Doll Production and Equipment Production pages needs to be updated whenever new T-Dolls or Equipment are out. Add their timers and minimum/maximum production values to the page.

Existing Pages

Pages that may contain misinformation, are poorly worded or display incorrect grammar and syntax are marked with Category:Needs Improvement.