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IOP Wiki:Policy

For any inquiries and/or constructive criticisms, please use the comment section or talk page.



Editing PagesEdit

  • Anyone is free to add information and/or correct errors to the existing pages as long as they does not break gfwiki's policies.
  • Providing a summary of the changes made by each edit is recommended, but not necessary.
  • Controversial edits are not recommended and will likely be rolled back. Editors should propose their idea either by editing the Talk page (leaving at least 3 days for discussion) or by contacting the staff members on Discord to make sure most people support the change before making such actions. Providing an edit summary is also necessary.
  • In the case of a rollback, please discuss the reasons for the rollback via the methods above instead of forcibly re-adding the contents that were rolled back.

Deleting PagesEdit

  • Repeated files that aren't connected to any pages may be deleted freely.
  • Advertisements and spam may be deleted freely.
  • Pages violating with gfwiki's policies may be deleted freely.
  • If a page does not meet any of the qualifications above but is considered appropriate for deletion, please discuss the deletion first (either via the Talk page or Discord) before taking such an action.


Free discussion is allowed as long as it does not infringe any of the policies above. However, for editing related discussions it is advisable to use the Talk page instead of using comments.


Vandalism includes (but is not limited to) the actions below:

  • Adding disruptive, irrelevant, or offensive material to any parts of this wiki.
  • Deleting content without a proper reason.
  • Infringing multiple other policies and/or infringing a policy multiple times.
  • Any behavior similar to wikipedia's definition of vandalism.

Users caught doing so will be user-blocked, with the length of the block depending on the severity of his/her actions.