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This page lists some guidelines for editors to follow.


"Let's take out the trash."

This article may require cleanup, for the following reason(s):

  • Needs general guidelines about how to word things (for example: Don't address the reader with "you" and don't ask questions in pages)
  • This page needs a better layout
  • Maybe add some examples of pages
  • Link to usual template documentations

If you wish to contribute to the wiki and are unsure of where to begin, please refer to the todo list for some ideas.

General Term Translations

These are the terms the wiki uses for translation. If there you have suggestion or do not agree with the translation, please contact wiki or use the discussion page.

Please see: General Namelist for glossary.

With the release of Girls Frontline EN server, all the available items/skills/costumes/equipment naming are converted to the official terminology used on that server. However all the names for items/skills/costumes/equipment that are not yet available on EN server, their names remains as the translated Chinese phrases.

Updating the main page

The main wiki page uses Template:mainpage. visit the template page and follow the instructions to updpate the main page.

Editing/Creating T-Doll Pages

For page restructuring conveniences, T-Doll pages are made through using a single template, please read it on Template:T-Doll. To create a T-Doll page, simply copy the code in Template:T-Doll, paste them in the desired doll page, and fill in the parameters.

After template change in July/August 2018, T-Doll pages are now being separated into four (4) distinctive sections, with T-Doll PlayableUnit page as main page and Quotes, Strategy and Story as sub pages.

  • For T-Doll main page, create page under Template:PlayableUnit and fill parameters if applicable.
    • T-Doll main page contains all in game doll general statistics, numerical data, weapon background, character design background and imagery art.
  • For Quotes sub page create page under Template:QuotesSubPage and fill parameters if applicable and able.
    • Quotes sub page contains character quotes and appropriate translations only.
  • Story And Strategy sub pages do not have template, page format and contents are left open for editors' discretion.
    • Story sub page contains character personality information and story involvements if applicable.
    • Strategy sub page editors are free to write analysis and guides for the T-Doll's in game performance.
For editors wanting to fill these pages but doesn't know the value, please join the wiki discord channel.

ALL T-doll pages should be created under the name appear on CN server or translated names from Chinese.

  • T-Doll AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416  appears on the EN server just as "416" due to reasons, the actual page name remains to be HK416, however a redirect of the page from "416" should be made.
  • T-Doll HG Colt RevolverThumb button.pngColt Revolver  CN name is 卡尔特左轮, which directly translates to Colt (卡尔特) Revolver (左轮), page made under the translated name Colt Revolver instead of EN server name 'SAA'.

Note: Use AimAttackSpecificTarge for "Interdiction Shot" and AimAttackCurrentTarge for "Aimed Shot", those two skills share the same icon.

Editing/Creating Equipment Pages

Similar to T-Doll pages, Equipment pages are made using the Template:Equipment. Copy the code in Template:Equipment, paste them in the desired doll page, and fill in the parameters.

Since equipment names are subject to translation phrase changes, the equipment pages should be created first under the editor's translation. When that said piece of equipment is later released on the EN server, the page name should then be changed.


Guide pages make use of Template:Guide : Make sure to add {{Guide}} to the beginning of a page to have a guide navbox appear as follows:

Registration · Tutorial · Strategies · Settings
Main Screen · Combat Menu · Formation Menu · Research Menu · Factory Menu · Repair Menu · 3D Base
Combat · Logistic Support · Combat Simulation · T-Doll Production · Equipment Production · Quests · Friend Menu

Guides are split into 3 sections: The beginners guides, Menu translations, and in-depth mechanics analysis.


We prefer that illustrative screenshots uploaded to the wiki follow the following guidelines:

  • Screenshots should be 720p if possible.
  • Labels should be in white text, and should be both bold and underlined. The font used for labels should be Noto Sans (available here).
  • Any labels should be clearly associated with the area of the image to which they refer, either by proximity or by explicitly drawn white lines.
  • Non-essential areas of the image should be blacked out. The preferred method is by adding a black layer with 50% opacity or above between the base screenshot and any labels. In cases where 50% is insufficient, higher opacity levels may be used.

Please use thumbs of 450 width format for pictures to ensure clarity of the image as a thumb. e.g. [[File:A.png|thumb|captionhere|450p]]

Useful Tools

Template:ThumbSlider - For a slider of thumbnails.