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Honey Badger/Quotes

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Honey Badger Story Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 指挥官,不管是什么样的战场,“蜜罐”都原意去战斗,请见证我的表现吧! 指揮官しきかんさん、どんな戦場せんじょうであろうと、このPDW(ピーディーダブリュー)はよろこんでたたかいます。わたし活躍かつやく期待きたいしてください!Play Commander, no matter what kind of battlefield, I, "Honey Badger", am willing to fight, please witness my performance!
Introduction (同上) (ditto)
Secretary 指挥官,关于下次任务,我有一个大胆的想法…… 指揮官しきかんさん、今回こんかい任務にんむについて、一つひとつかんがえがあります…Play Commander, about the next mission, I have a bold proposal...
贝特!这根棒棒糖你是从哪里偷……是吗?干得漂亮! ペト!このロリポップはどこから…あら、そう?グッジョブ!Play Betty! Where did you get this lollipop... Really? Good job!
指挥官的胆识也很不错嘛,那么,感想呢? 指揮官しきかんさんもなかなか度胸どきょうがありますね。それで、感想かんそうはいかがです?Play Commander you're quite brave, so, how was it?
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, as long as you are on the post, my courage is backed with a sense of security. Please don't let me... don't let me forget about this power.
You are very brave Commander, to do something like this... But alright, I will display the same courage! Commander, I like you too, please continue to stay by my side! ...❤
Greeting 緊急きんきゅう仕事しごとはいったので、さき処理しょりしましょう。Play An urgent mission has been submitted, so let's take care of that first.
T-Doll Produced 指揮官しきかんさん、だれきたたようです。Play Commander, someone seems to have arrived.
Joining an echelon もっとまえにいたほうが、おすすめですけど。Play I think the position in front is highly recommended.
Enhancement ペト、うれしい?Play Betty, how was it?
Dummy-linking ペト、どっちが本物ほんもののペト!?Play B-Betty, which one of you is the real Betty!?
Logistics (start) 今回こんかいは、もうちょっとなにかをってかえれるといいな。Play I hope I can bring something back home this time.
Logistics (end) ペト、あれはものじゃないよ。Play Betty, that's not food.
Autobattle あたらしい戦術せんじゅつを、ためしてみましょうか。Play There are some new tactics I want to try out.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission みなさん、頑張がんばってたたかいましょう!Play Everyone, let's fight hard!
Starting a battle あなたたちの度胸どきょうを、せてもらいましょう。Play Let me show you what courage looks like.
Skill activation ペト、てき注意ちゅういきつけてね!Play Betty, attract the enemy's attention!
全力ぜんりょくくよ!Play I'll do my best!
あなたの弱点じゃくてんは、バレバレです!Play Your weaknesses have been exposed!
Heavily damaged うっ……こわがらないで!たたかいをつづけましょう!Play Urgh... Don't be afraid! Let the battle continue!
Retreat 指揮官しきかんさん、わたしたち撤退てったいしなきゃいけないですか?Play Commander, do I have to withdray?
MVP 勇気ゆうき勝利しょうりは、われらとともにあります!Play Courage and victory is with us!
Restoration 努力どりょく無駄むだにならなければ、このぐらいのきず平気へいきですよ。Play As long as your efforts haven't been wasted, these kinds of wounds are fine.
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween ペト…沢山たくさんあめ一体いったいどこからってきたの?ま…まさか…ちょっとあの子供こどもたちは一体いったいどういうこと?!はやげよう!Play Betty...where did you get all of this candy from? No way... H-Hold up, why are those kids heading our way?! We have to scram!
Christmas クリスマスはとてもロマンチックな日ですね。いい雰囲気ふんいきのうちにはやわたしのプレゼントってください。Play Christmas is such a romantic day. In this good atmosphere, please accept my present early.
New Year's Day 一年いちねん散々さんざん苦労くろうしたけど、ようやくばせますね。でもつぎたたかいは油断ゆだんしていけませんよ。


I've had it rough in the past year. but now I can finally stretch out. However, let's remember to be cautious in the upcoming battles.
Valentine's day チョコつくりは以外いがいむずかしいですね。でも頑張がんばってつくりました。ってください、指揮官しきかんさん。


Chocolate-making is quite hard. In the end, I did my best. Please accept it, Commander.
Tanabata 花火はなびげるんですか?それならちかまかせてください。近くでればきっとものすごく綺麗きれいですね。


Are you shooting off fireworks? Then leave it to me. If you watch closely, they'll look very beautiful.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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