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Full name Hesperus
Affiliation Sanctifier
Class ???
Artist Unknown

Hesperus is a Greater Sanctifier enemy in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data[edit]

Not yet fought in Global.


Not yet fought in Global.

Lore / Story involvement

During the first Entropic mass outbreak, Hesperus led a campaign to wipe out every Irregular Agent and successfully contained the infection,[1] but his hard-line methods durably damaged the image of Sanctifiers among other Agents.[2] Some Sanctifiers like Angelus belong to the Hesperus Faction, a group of hardliners, in opposition to the more moderate Eosphorous Faction.[3] While Eosphorous maintain the stability of the Reverse Tower, Hesperus prefers to fight against the Entropy on the frontlines of the Border Battlefront.[4][5][6]

After the Burbank Entropic incident, Hesperus flew from the Border Battlefront to assess the situation. Begrudgingly accepting Eosphorous' strategic alliance with the Oasis, Hesperus seized the comatose Entropized Ranko in order to trace the source of her seed of Entropy.[7]



  • Hesperus' draconic theme is in opposition to Eosphorous' angelic theme, a duality found in Christian lore. He is capable of summoning a river of magma for area interdiction.[7]


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