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Side StoriesEdit

Chromatic SpiralEdit

Helix was a Doll focused on research in the field of genetic engineering. Her work was instrumental for the development of treatments for ELID-related immune system failure. However, she was a researcher and not a clinician, and her hyper-specialization in DNA research had no relevance in the virtual Magrasea server. This led to many nights of Helix crying alone in her room until her next door neighbor Antonina could no longer tolerate hearing her weeping.

Antonina and Lancet built a modified DNA recombinant analyzer, customized so that it could be used in the Magrasea server to heal Agents. Helix was excited to test the device, but she was not yet an official member of the Medical Department so she had to search the Oasis for test subjects. Helix went to the Oasis boxing gym in hopes of finding someone in need of healing, but ran out because it was too scary. She accidentally collided into Kuro. Helix apologized and then asked if Kuro was injured by the collision. She sounded disappointed that Kuro denied being hurt, causing Kuro to become annoyed. She demanded Helix reveal her identity and reason for suspiciously running out of the boxing gym.

Kuro recognized Helix’s name as the Doll who was known for being useless and crying in her room. Helix protested, although she noted that the only time she had previously prescribed treatment was when she had helped to apply a band-aid on a Doll with a scrape. This led to Kuro mocking her further. Helix was upset, but requested permission to follow Kuro around because she suspected that given Kuro’s attitude, she was the type of person who might end up getting hurt just by walking down the street. Kuro noted that Helix had now pissed off her twice in five minutes. No longer wanting to deal with her, she advised Helix to visit the Old City Area as it was known for Dolls who enjoyed more dangerous hobbies to congregate there. Helix thanked Kuro for the tip and gave her contact details, in case she was hurt in the future.