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Helix Story Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Play Ohhhh! Good... Good morning, Professor!
Afternoon Play If your workload is getting too heavy for you, perhaps it might be best to have regular physical checkups?
Evening Play Ack... The analyzer's out of power...
Night Play Seeing as you're still so energetic at this hour, it looks like we don't have to worry about your health~
Main Interface Voice Play The human DNA sequence is so amazing... It evolved naturally, yet it's more orderly than anything else.
Play Professor, do you need a regular checkup? It helps in preventing unexpected sickness, you know.
Play Professor? Professor? Wake up!
Play I accidentally broke my microscope yesterday and I need to change the lens... Help me, Professor–
Interactive Voice Play Uwaaaah!
Play Is something the matter?
Play P-please don't do that!
Relationship Dialogues Play On the 40th day after arriving in the Oasis: Everyone's able to contribute to the Oasis in their own way... So why am I the only one who can't do anything... I really am a useless Doll after all, I can't do anything right...
Play Magrasea is completely made up of data, so DNA analysis is completely useless... Now that I think about it, I feel even worse... Uwaaahhhhh!
Play On the 50th day after arriving in the Oasis: I feel like I'm as idle as a painted ship.
Play Miss Lancet and Miss Anna spent the past two days in my room, and when they finally left, they had dark rings around their eyes. They took two days and two nights to write a transcription system for me that can present data fragments in DNA form. This way, I can be of use to the Oasis!
Play It looks like even someone as clumsy and careless as me can be of some use after all. Next up... I need to think of a way to improve myself!
Moods Play Ehehe~
Accept Play Understood!
Agree Play
Appreciate Play
Feeling Play
Oath Play Uwaaahhh! An... An oath? That sounds pretty awesome! I wonder what it means to form an oath with you, Professor... I'm sure it must be a really good thing!
Obtain Play H... Helix is here! Do you have any instructions for me? I'll do my best to carry them out!

Neural Cloud


Neural Cloud!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough Play Detection error rate has decreased!
Neural Expansion Play Though I still can't quite get rid of my habit of messing up, at least I won't mess up too badly now!
Max Neural Expansion
Play So long to my clumsy former self! Time for the new and improved Helix to set out! Now then... Uwah! I tripped and fell...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team Play Helix, standing by!
Battle Start Play I'm heading out!
Ultimate Skill Play I'll uncover all your secrets!
MVP1 Play Mission complete! Teehee~
MVP2 Play I did it!




Got it!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Play I DON'T WANT TO DO OVERTIME! It's Christmas but I'm STILL stuck in the lab! I can't even have Christmas dinner with everyone! Save me, Professor!
Halloween Play Could this be... baked pumpkin? Let's open it up and take a look... Uehh, it really IS cheese-baked pumpkin. I thought I could enjoy a nice feast... I hate sticky cheese!
New Year Play H-happy New Year! Want me to prepare something for you? Uwah! I broke the cup...
Tanabata Play Why is it that everyone gets to go out and have fun for the occasion while I have to stay in the lab doing overtime by myself–
Valentine Play I wanted to make a few Valentine's Day cookies for you, but they ended up like this... They're all burnt... Hahaha...
Player's Birthday Play Today's your birthday, Professor! As a birthday gift, I'll do a free DNA analysis for you! It's possible even in Magrasea!