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Full name Hannibal
Affiliation Paradeus
Released on CN (汉尼拔), TW, KR, EN
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A special heavy mech unit produced by Paradeus that possesses the most advanced melee weaponry and armor. Its selling point is being hard to destroy and devastating combat power.



Introduced in Poincare Recurrence


Called Executioner in game files (like the Sangvis Ferri Ringleader).

This unit has very high health and can do massive damage to units with few dummy links. Has three skills:

  • Shield of Carthage: Deploy a defensive shield and gain a shield with a value that equals 150% of max HP. Crash once the shield is broken, gaining 50% vulnerability.
  • Wounds: Normal attacks grant a stack of Wounded to targets. Each stack inflicts damage that equals 0.3% of the target's max HP per second, lasting for 3 seconds.
  • Torment: Perform a full-power strike that does shield-piercing damage while also inflicting 2 stacks of Wounded. The fewer Dummy-Links the target has, the higher the damage, capped at a maximum of 600%.