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HSM10 Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 高标10型霰弹枪,报道!长官,我将为您献上我的忠诚! High Standard M10 参上!指揮官に忠誠を誓う!Play High Standard M10 shotgun, reporting! My allegiance is to you, sir!
Secretary 不用跟我客气哦,大家对我来说就和家人一样,今晚也让我帮忙煮面吧? 遠慮しないで。あたしにとってみんなは家族みたいのもんだから。今夜は一緒にラーメンでも作ろうか!Play You don't have to be so formal around me. Everyone here is like my family. Let me help you cook tonight, okay?
指挥官和我之前的上司很像呢……欸?是指哪里?我想,大概是为人处世吧,而且……长官对我也很温柔呢。 指揮官って…なんか昔の上司に似てるんだよね?どの辺がって?あぁ…一通の静止方とか?あと…あたしに優しいところ!Play The Commander is a lot like my previous boss, aren't they? Hm? What do I mean by that? Hmm...I think it's something to do with the fact that you're the quiet type? That...and how kind you are to me!
晚上会做噩梦吗?没办法了,今天就做您的专属警卫好了,有我在,好好睡吧。 怖い夢でも見た?しょうがないな、今夜はあんただけのSPになったあげる。あたしがいるから、もう怖くないよ。Play Did you have a scary dream? I guess it can't be helped, let me be your bodyguard for today. Since I'm here, you can rest easy
Secretary (post OATH)
If you are ever injured in the future, you must tell me. I have a medkit right here... You need to protect yourself before you can protect anyone else, sir. Besides, if you're not in perfect condition...that means you can't rush to the front with me, right?
Sir, what's that you're hiding behind your back? Is it contraband? Hurry up and show me, will you? How, how could it be a ring? Is it possible...that it could be for someone else? Hah, I'm kidding, otherwise, may I arrest you?
Greeting 今日の作戦会議って何時から?Play When was today's meeting supposed to start again?
T-Doll Produced ん?新人?ふん、ならこのあたしがしっかり指導してあげようっか。Play Hmm? A new recruit? Heheh, shall I give her some firm instruction.
Joining an echelon オッケー!リーダーはあたしに任せて!Play Okay! Leave the leading to me!
Enhancement いつも気にかけてくれてありがとう!ちゃんと恩返しするから!Play Thanks for looking after me as always! I'll make sure to pay you back!
Dummy-linking あたしが増えた?!何なら、一小隊分ぐらいまで増えればいいのに!Play I'm multiplied? I wish I had enough to fill a platoon!
Logistics (start) 必要な資源のリストをもらっていい?それじゃ、「」頼んだよ!Play Can I get a list of the resources I need? Then, you can count on me!
Logistics (end) ただいま~。荷物多いから、手伝ってくれる?Play I'm back~. I brought back a lot with me, can you lend me a hand?
Autobattle ターゲット、ロックオン!この一連の動きは、全部あたしのメンタルモデルに刻んでいるよ!Play Target, lock on! These movement patterns have been etched into my digimind!
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 行くよ!悪を退けるのは警察の接近だ!Play Let's go! It's the police's duty to reject evil!
Starting a battle 動くな!Play Freeze!
Skill activation 手を上げろ!Play Hands in the air!
ここから先は行かせないよ!Play I can't let you go there!
怒りの炎に抱かれて消えよ!Play Hang on to the flames of anger and disappear!
Heavily damaged うぐうぐ…訓練が足りなかったか…Play Cough cough... looks like my training wasn't enough...
Retreat いったん戻って建て直しだけだ。みんな、心配しないで!Play We're only withdrawing to regroup. Everyone, do not worry!
MVP あたしの家族を傷つけたやつは、全員消えてもらうよ!Play Anyone who hurts my family will disappear!
Restoration しょうがない。少し休もっか。Play It can't be helped. Guess I'll rest.
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween ゾンビ共は全員この部屋の中だ!あたしの合図で行くよ!せえの!ん?あたしのことは気にしないで。警察が部屋に突入する時はこうするものなんだよ。片手で銃を持って、片手でドアを開けるの。Play The zombies are all inside this room! Proceed with my signal! One, two! Hmm? Don't mind me. This is how the police do it when breaching. Gun on one hand, and open the door with the other.
Christmas 指揮官、メリークリスマス!やっぱりクリスマスは家族と一緒に過ごすなくちゃ!ちょっと待っててね、ローストチキンの焼き具合用見てくるから!Play Commander, Merry Christmas! Indeed, one should spend Christmas with the family! Wait right there, I'll check on the roasted chicken!
New Year's Day 明けましておめでとう!今年も指揮官と一緒に戦えたらいいな!だって指揮官のいない作戦会議なんてつまんないよ。


Happy New Year! I wish I could fight alongside you again this year! Well, strategy meetings are boring without you around.
Valentine's day へぇ?指揮官もバレンタインが気になるんだ。なら丁度いいや!だって、これで直接渡せるでしょう?こっそりロッカーに入れずに済むし。


Whoa, didn't expect you to be interested in Valentine's. Then perfect timing! I can just give this to you directly instead sneaking it into your locker.
Tanabata え?お返し?なんで今日?ああ、七夕だったんだ!ごめんね、そういうのにはちょっと疎くて。えっとじゃあこれ…今開けてもいい?


Huh? A payback? Why today though? Aah, today is Tanabata! Sorry, I don't usually keep track of something like this. Then... can I open this right away?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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