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Guns&Girls (军武枪械娘!) is a four-issues doujin series drawn by Yuzhong and published by MICA Team, depicting anthropomorphic guns from various parts of the world. The series began as MICA worked on the first versions of Codename: Bakery Girl. Girls' Frontline can be seen as the fusion of Bakery Girl's Sci-Fi war stories and Guns&Girls' light-hearted gun anthropomorphism.



The first issue covers Soviet and Russian weapons like the AK-74, AK-47, AKM, APS and SVD. It was first published in July 2011 at ComiCon 9 and ComiDay 8.[1]


The second issue covers American weapons like the M1918, M82A1, Thompson, M1 Garand, M14-EBR and Vulcan cannon and was first published in November 2011 at ComiCup 9.[2]


The third issue covers German weapons like the MP40, WA2000 and MP5 and was first sold online in July 2012.[3]


The fourth issue covers Chinese weapons and was first published in February 2014.[4]