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This page will cover the Friends Screen User Interface.

Friends List[edit]

The friends list tab allows you to see currently added friends (A maximum of 100), or blacklisted users.

  • The first tab is your currently added friends.
  • The second tab are your currently blacklisted users.

Friends Adding[edit]

The Friends Adding tab is used to find and add friends to your friends list.

  • The first tab shows a list of random users you can add to your friends list or visit by selecting the banner. You can also search for friends on the same server (Has to be exactly the same Digital Sky 1-X or Bili 1-X).
  • The second tab shows pending friend requests. You can either accept or decline users here.

ID Card[edit]

The ID Card Tab is used to view and edit your ID Card.

  • The first tab is used to set a short message of up to 45 characters.
  • The second tab is used to set your ID Card background (first tab), or ID Card Avatar (second tab).
  • The third tab is used decide which medals you have earned to display on your ID Card.
  • The fourth tab is used to set which Echelon will be displayed, and allowed to be used by friends.

Friendship Store[edit]

The Friendship Store is where you can buy ID Card backgrounds, and ID Card Avatars.

  • The first tab is used to purchase ID Card backgrounds.
    • These images are displayed behind your Avatar and other information.
    • They can be purchased with either diamonds or friend points.
  • The second tab is used to purchase ID Card Avatars.
    • These Avatars are shown on your ID Card and is also shown in various menu's when interacting with other players (Adding friends, visiting dorms).
    • They can be purchased with either diamonds or friend points.