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Combat mission is the main part of the game for player to proceed the story and unlock new combat mission chapter,Logistic Support and a few construction function.

The Combat Mission interface can be accessed through the Combat menu. There, players may select combat missions.

Icon combat combatmission.jpg


Main InterfaceEdit

The main part of the interface allow you to select combat mission.

Combat mission main menu

Chapter Menu

Selection between chapter.

  • You can unlock the next chapter by clearing previous chapter mission 6. This will also unlock next chapter Logistic Support and current Chapter Emergency mission.
    • (except Chapter 0, which can only be unlock by clearing 04-4E)

Mission Menu

Select mission here. To access new mission for the chapter you need to achieve bronze or higher medal.

Difficulty Menu

Select difficulty here. There is three type of difficulty, From left to right it's NORMAL, EMERGENCY and MIDNIGHT.

  • The unlock requirement are different on each difficulty.
    • Normal : Unlock by clearing Previous mission
    • Emergency: Unlock by clearing current chapter Normal mission x-6.
    • Midnight : Unlock by clearing previous Emergency chapter.
      • For example; chapter 1-1 Night battle can unlock after clearing chapter 02-4 Emergency.
      • Chapter 2-1N can unlock after clearing Chapter 03-4 Emergency, and so on.

Mission InterfaceEdit

selected Combat mission window

After select a mission, a mission window will come out.

Explanation from top to bottom

Enemy Operational Effectiveness : show the current mission enemy operational effectiveness.

Number of execute : How many time player had start/execute this mission.

Medal Achieved : Medal obtained from this mission show here.

Highest Score achieved : Highest Score achieved.

Potential drop : Potential drop from current mission, note that some common T-dolls that is not listed still drop.

Limited drop : Drops that are limited to drop only from this mission.

Autonomous Mission (Auto Battle): Setup echelon for autonomous mission.

  • minimal OE Requirement : Minimal Operational Effectiveness for the Auto Battle mission.
  • Experience Reward : Experience you can gain from Auto Battle.

Normal Battle : Start the Mission, which redirect player to Combat.

Autonomous MissionEdit

Under some circumstances, T-Dolls can run mission autonomously. T-Dolls need strategic data, geographic data of field, and adequate experience to be fully autonomous in mission.

In-game, all of three medals are required to unlock autonomous mission option for each mission, representing "circumstances" mentioned in lore.

Autonomous Mission allow player to dispatch echelons into mission without conducting them. Such missions will reward fixed amount of experience, both commander's and T-Doll's, with random possible rewards, that are same as manual missions. Each autonomous mission has its own defined maximum number of T-Doll/equipment reward. Completion of autonomous mission will always be considered as S clear, meaning that reward pool will always include special rewards assigned for mission, allowing players to have chance of gaining rare reward such as high rank T-Dolls/equipment and even special equipment or mission reward only T-Dolls.

Dispatching Echelons in autonomous mission will require resources, and such mission will also require some time to complete. Time and resource required for autonomous mission varies, but normally, larger amount is required for harder mission.

Player may abort autonomous mission at any time without losing resources spent for mission. Once auto-mission is aborted, echelons immediately returns without reward. Resources spent for auto-mission will be fully refunded if you abort auto-mission.

Autonomous Mission does not count toward number of executes for mission.

Running Auto-Mission is not cost-efficient. However, completion of auto-mission grants chance of gaining any kind of reward available for mission to player. Auto-Mission can possibly used for quite handy way of gaining rewards, if it is planned properly. Running long autonomous mission during sleep is one of options players may take.

Normal BattleEdit

See more, Combat.


Each Combat Areas can have up to three different mission categories with different difficulties: normal, emergency, and midnight.

Except for rare cases like Area 0, normal mission categories have 6 missions, with the final mission being a boss fight.

Emergency categories have 4 missions, which are based on maps from normal missions, with harder enemies. The final missions of the emergency categories will also have a boss fight.

Night-Time battles are missions where the echelon will fight against enemies in complete dark, night maps. Unlike Regular and Emergency Missions, in order to complete night-time battles the player must eliminate all enemies in map within the turn limitations or it will result in mission failure. Instead of dropping T-Dolls, Night-time battles mostly drop equipment. Several of the night-time battle maps provide exclusive equipment drops that can only be equipped by specified T-Dolls.

There are many things need to be cared in night-time mission:

  • No matter how much regular Echelon Combat Effectiveness you have, it is not applied in night-time missions as the echelon combat effectiveness is divided into regular CE and Night CE. Therefore, you must meet the Night Combat Effectiveness requirement in order to clear the map. Otherwise you'll be struggling against most enemies, including armored enemies.
  • Unlike regular missions, in night-time battles the T-dolls will fight in the complete dark where enemy location are concealed. Since this case, putting a single HG is highly recommended to provide an illumination for echelons.
  • Thus, it is virtually impossible to do night-time missions without a HG class assigned to every echelon assigned to a mission.
  • Except for event maps, Night-time mission have NO Headquarters. Players simply have to defeat all enemies on time.
  • In night-time mission, a node called radar provide illumination for 2 nodes. Radar nodes are very useful to reveal enemy locations, so protecting the nodes is a must.
  • Except for few cases, night-time mission normally has no boss unit.
  • Player are unable to call reinforcement in the Landing Zones if there is not light source. Therefore, putting T-dolls with HG near Landing Zone node are recommended.
  • During night-time battle, all echelons accuracy rate has greatly suffered for 90%. This problem can be solved by equipping Nightvision device to mitigate the accuracy penalty in night-time mission. Also, a handgun with flare skill is highly recommended as it will provide up to 100% accuracy for echelon.
  • ARMORED enemies can be found in night-time mission maps. Armored enemies takes less damage, based on their armor stat, making them very hard to defeat without great care.
  • Only MG and RF (except for few T-Dolls such as 6P62) can equip Armor Piercing Ammunition to counter armor stat. AP Ammo reduces effectiveness of armor, based on AP stat. (if enemy has 80 armor, AP stat of 80 or higher will completely ignore armor.)
  • Armored enemies normally have ZERO evasion, meaning that accuracy penalty is mitigated if echelons are fighting against armored unit.
  • Except for very rare cases in event mission, non-boss enemies with armor are never grouped with non-armored enemy.
  • Regular, non-armored enemies in night-time mission, HAVE evasion, and it is normally much higher than non-night time missions.
  • This means, that player must prepare both anti-armor echelon and anti-regular echelon in night-time missions. Moreover, anti-regular echelon must be capable of breaching regular enemies' high evasion stat.
  • Normally AR based echelons are used for defeating regular units, while RF/MG based echelons are used for armored units.
  • There are two type of enemy that requires great care: tarantula and Scouts.
  • Scouts in night-time map has dangerously high evasion stat. A T-doll with Grenade Launcher, HE Grenade is highly recommended in fights against scouts, as explosives ignores evasion.
  • Tarantula is a basically an armored dinergate. It has zero evasion and very low health stat. However, they have extremely high armor and damage with high accuracy. They are extremely dangerous and hard to deal with, since Tarantulas will shock T-Dolls as a swarm, with extremely fast approaching speed. (Tanks will melt within few second if Tarantulas manages to shock tank line before tarantulas getting wiped out.)
  • Use of an MG is highly recommended in fight against Tarantula. MG classes can use AP ammo, and they have huge bust, making themselves an effective counter against armored shock units like Tarantula.
  • Guards have zero evasion and Jaegers have almost no evasion, even at nigh-time mission. They can be defeated with T-Dolls that cannot equip night vision. However, it's normal to expect other enemy classes to be combined with Guards and Jaegers, especially the Scout + Jaeger combination.