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Combat Mission is the main part of the game for players to proceed through the story and unlock new combat mission chapters, Logistic Support and a few construction function.

The Combat Mission interface can be accessed through the Combat menu. There, players may select combat missions.

Icon combat combatmission.jpg


Main InterfaceEdit

Combat menu interface.

Upon tapping the Combat button on the main screen, Commander will be directed to this screen. Here the Commander can choose to engage in different combat modes.

  • Left group button contains several combat modes the Commander can engage.
    • Event only appears when there's an ongoing event.
    • Combat Mission is where the Commander engage the main storyline.
    • Logistic Support is where the Commander can send T-Dolls to obtain resources and consumables.
    • Combat Simulation is where the Commander can train T-Dolls for experience points, as well as obtaining various items to further strengthen the T-Dolls, such as skill chip and digimind fragment.
    • Campaign mode consists of permanently added past major events.
  • Moving to the right there's chapter selection menu. Each chapter consists of three difficulty selection; Normal, Emergency, and Night.
    • Normal difficulty is unlocked by clearing previous chapter.
    • Emergency difficulty is unlocked by clearing current chapter's Normal difficulty.
    • Night difficulty is unlocked upon clearing current chapter's Emergency difficulty.
    • Should new chapter is released, Commander is required to clear previous chapter's final Normal difficulty mission once again.
  • Mission selection menu takes the most space. Here the Commander can choose which mission (or map) to engage, primarily when doing leveling or farming for core or limited drops.
    • Normal difficulty consists of 6 missions.
    • Emergency difficulty consists of 4 missions.
    • Night difficulty consists of 4 missions.

Mission InterfaceEdit

Mission interface.
Mission interface showing advantage dolls.
Night mission drops equipment instead of T-Dolls.


Selecting one of the mission will display the Commander this screen. It contains various information about the selected mission.

  • Enemy Combat Effectiveness shows the current mission enemy combat effectiveness.
  • Number of Attempt shows how many time the Commander has sortied this mission.
  • Medal Obtained shows medal obtained from this mission show here. These medals are requirements for doing Autobattle feature.
  • Best Rating shows Commander's record of clearing this map. There are five ratings available; D, C, B, A, and S.
  • Potential Drop shows T-Dolls that potentially could be obtained as drop in this mission.
    • Contrary to Day mission, most Night missions drop equipment instead of T-Dolls.
  • Limited Drop shows T-Dolls that are limited to drop only from this mission.
  • Advantage Dolls tab show T-Dolls that benefit from increased stats in this mission.
  • Deployable Echelon shows what echelon can be deployed in this mission, along with their limit.
  • There are Recommendation for T-Dolls level, combat effectiveness, and fairy level and rarity. Please keep in mind that recommendations isn't equal to requirements.
  • Autobattle will display Autobattle setup screen, where Commander can setup echelons and number of attempt. Autobattle can still grant experience points and drops, similar to Normal battle.
  • Normal Battle will start the mission, redirecting Commander to Combat.

Normal BattleEdit

To see how to play the combat mission, please click this link Combat.


Autobattle interface.
  • Autobattle allows the Commander to send echelon on a self-operate expedite, and still pertains the experience points gains and drop.
    • After v2.0600 client update, it's now possible for Commander to perform Autobattle on Campaign maps, which was exclusive to Combat Mission before.
  • Autobattle has some requirements Commander need to fulfill in order to perform it, such as minimum number of echelon which meet the required CE, and certain amount of resources as expense cost.
  • Commander can set the number of attempt the Autobattle is run. More attempts means longer duration and higher resources cost.
    • By default, Commander can only set it to 3 times maximum per run.
    • However, buying Autobattle monthly card will allow Commander to raise the limit to more than 3 times per run.
  • Experience points gained will be equally distributed to all participants, similar to that of EXP Combat Simulation.


  • Limited drop is granted by chance should the Commander fulfill the requirements below:
    • Defeat Boss or certain mobs that carry the drop.
    • Complete the mission with S rating.
    • Autobattle also has the chance to provide limited drop.
  • Some facilites are unlocked upon clearing certain mission as prerequisite.
    • Clearing mission 2-6 will unlock Equipment Production and Equipment Recycling.
    • Clearing mission 2-4N will unlock Equipment Calibration (Research) and Drill Simulation (Combat Simulation).
    • Clearing 7-6 will unlock Protocol Assimilation (currently only in CN, TW, and KR)
    • Clearing 8-5 will unlock Heavy Ordnance Corps.
    • Clearing 30 missions will unlock T-Doll Heavy Production.
    • Clearing 60 missions will unlock Equipment Heavy Production and Fairy.