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Griffin and Kryuger Private Military Company and Security Consultant Company (克鲁格和格里芬军事承包与安全顾问服务公司)[1] or Грифон & Крюгер (Grifon & Kryuger) in Russian,[2][3] usually called Griffin (格里芬) or G&K (“GK”),[4] is a Soviet private military company founded in 2053 by former Ministry of Internal Affairs officer Berezovich Kryuger and Rossartrist agent Griffin Lyons, and is the main protagonistic faction of Girls' Frontline. Griffin's headquarter is located at the fictional location 279B Verkhovnoi Rady Boulevard in Endfyld (Эндфилд), Ploshad 4 (Площадь 4[5]),[3] with additional branches in Glasgow, Vladivostok, Konya and Dijiang (帝江).[6]

G&K is known for mostly employing IOP Tactical Dolls and has been an important sponsor of IOP and 16LAB, directly influencing several design decisions in their T-Dolls standards. By Kryuger's preferences, all Griffin T-Dolls are designated by the weapon they use in combat.[7] After the Butterfly Incident of 2061, G&K was put in charge of destroying the rampaging Sangvis Ferri T-Dolls in Sector 09. This is where the player takes the role of the Commander in Girls' Frontline.

G&K strives to be, as their motto says, “the shining beacon in a brave new world”.[8][9]




Berezovich Kryuger was a former member of the Soviet Army and Ministry of Internal Affairs who participated in the rescue and escort operation of scientist Persicaria as a tactical commander during World War Three.[1] Kryuger had witnessed many deaths during his military career and wanted to dedicate his later years to less destructive purposes, like protecting populations lacking government protection.[10]

Sometimes in 2052, Kryuger received a visit from his acquaintance Griffin Lyons, who asked him to retire and create a private military company named Griffin and Kryuger, staffed with armed civilian Tactical Dolls purchased using the financial backing of a mysterious group interested in promoting T-Dolls for the paramilitary market. Griffin would keep a share of the profits but relinquish all management decisions to Kryuger, trusting that their interests would naturally align. Kryuger's reputation would also attract military veterans to command the T-Dolls and his connections would enable him to get early contracts from the Soviet military. While Kryuger was reluctant to use T-Dolls at first, he accepted since this would also let him work with his friend Persica[11][12] and would save money compared to hiring humans soldiers.[13] G&K developed good relations with T-Dolls manufacturer IOP, Kryuger and IOP's director Havier Witkin maintained good personal relations[1] and Kryuger himself took an interest in the development of Second Generation T-Dolls.[14]

This close partnership let Kryuger provide direct data feedback about T-Dolls efficiency to IOP's main R&D subcontractor, Hermit (in reality a shell corporation used by IOP to protect its employees Persicaria and Lycoris from their former colleagues of 90WISH). G&K's collaboration was instrumental in further improving T-Dolls[1] and meant that IOP was willing to occasionally take back dolls from G&K to return them to the civilian market.[15] G&K was later hired by IOP's competitor Sangvis Ferri to escort Lycoris to their underground research facilities, after the scientist decided to leave Hermit. Kryuger accepted only if SF would share Lycoris' future results with him. G&K's influence as a partner prevented Witkin from seeking retribution against Lycoris.[1]

Aside from IOP, G&K also benefited from the support of KCCO's General Carter, a former superior of Kryuger who exerted his influence to provide G&K with better quota of maximum T-Doll employment numbers, smuggle weapons and organize media blackouts. In exchange, Kryuger handed Carter data about Sangvis Ferri T-Dolls, which Carter could use to further his own interests by developing more powerful military androids and secure his place within the New Soviet Union military.[16] This secret partnership eventually led to G&K being chosen as KCCO's scapegoat for their own plans involving Elisa.[17]

G&K officially began to take security contracts in 2055, quickly gaining reputation as a PMC. In 2060, G&K directly requested IOP to integrate Neural Cloud technology into their T-Dolls, becoming a standard. The same year, multiple G&K branches were attacked under unknown circumstances and several high-ranking human employees were killed, but not Kryuger himself.[14]

Against Sangvis FerriEdit

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In 2062, one year after the Butterfly Incident where Lycoris was killed and Sangvis Ferri dolls turned against mankind, the weakened G&K took up the contract to keep Sangvis Ferri T-Dolls within Sector 09. Six months into the contract,[14] the PMC was in desperate need of extra personnel to face SF forces and urgently recruited a new batch of human commanders, among them the Commander.[14][15]

In exileEdit

G&K suffered a massive blow when the KCCO turned against them in 2064 and Director Kryuger was arrested under false charges. G&K nevertheless continued to operate under Helian's command, as per Kryuger's wishes.[18]

Tactical CommandersEdit

Because of the particularity of G&K troops being T-Dolls, the main factor of recruitment for human commanders isn't professional training or experience, but being able to pass a psychological evaluation dedicated to measuring interpersonal compatibility with T-Dolls, and general traits of character like patience, courage and loyalty.[14] Human orders are necessary for a T-Doll to take action, so commanders are truly the brain of any G&K deployment, and a prime target for the enemy.[15]

The standard uniform of G&K commanders is a knee-long military coat with pouches, collar and cuffs, gold buttons, a red exterior and a black interior, a golden insignia on the right shoulder and a large black belt with side straps. A white shirt and black tie is worn under the coat, with black pants and shoes and a red beret with a bronze G&K insignia. High-ranking officers Helianthus and Berezovich Kryuger wear variations of this uniform.



  • The griffin is often used as a symbol of nobility, courage and military might. Meanwhile, “Kryuger” is a variation of the German surname “Krüger”, meaning a tavern-keeper or potter. The two parts of the company's name are opposed in status, much like the roles of its two founders.


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