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"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Griffin & Kryuger (Russian: Грифон & Крюгер, tr. Grifon & Kryuger), previously mistranslated as Griffin & Kruger, is a private military contractor and security consultant company, led by Berezovich Kryuger. In the story of Girls' Frontline, the player acts as a commander of G&K.

Griffin's headquarters are located in Endfyld (Russian: Эндфилд), at Verkhovnoi Rady Blvd. 279B, in "Площадь"[1] 4. According to early promotional material for Girls' Frontline, additional branches can be found in Glasgow, Vladivostok, Konya and "Dijiang" (Chinese: 帝江). Griffin is also a close collaborator with IOP/16Lab, with whom they maintain a deal with for their Tactical Dolls.


Prior to the Butterfly Incident, Griffin was mainly involved in paramilitary affairs, such as law enforcement, as well as providing security consultation. Following Butterfly, as a result of the actions of the Sangvis Ferri born from the incident, G&K began increasingly involving itself in fending off and suppressing any potential Sangvis incursions into neighboring sectors (and potentially threaten civilian lives), at the behest of the New Soviet Union's KCCO.

In this environment, the latest commander (the player) is positioned in Sector 09, to begin their training.


Following the official end of the Third World War in 2051, the recovering governments of Europe faced civil unrest born out of the weakened de facto control of their states. In this environment, various PMCs, born out of the war, took up peacekeeping contracts issued by these governments, as to maintain civil stability. Berezovich Kryuger himself was a veteran of the Third World War, and the lessons and experiences learned would influence the direction and ethos of Griffin and Kryuger.

Griffin itself would be formed in 2053, following Berezovich Kryuger's departure from the New Soviet Union's Ministry of Internal Affairs. Having successfully commanded the rescue and escort operation involving former 90wish member Persicaria during his time at the Ministry, he used the payment he received to start the PMC. IOP's relationship with G&K was established early on, Kryuger having maintained a good personal relationship with its CEO, Havier Witkin. Kryuger would be very keen on using dolls due to civilian-sector Tactical Dolls being much cheaper than human mercenaries, and to minimize human casualties as much as he could.

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  1. Meaning area, living space or square in Russian, depending on the context used; some speculation exists on whether this is supposed to be the 'native' term for sector in the context of Girls' Frontline, despite Russian also having зона, область and сектор.