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Girls' Frontline Concerts

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Girls' Frontline Orchestra

2018 illustration by Artist:多元菌.

A symphonic concert of Girls' Frontline Original Soundtrack took place at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center on 19 October 2018.[1][2] Another concert took place in Japan at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre on 8 August 2019,[3] the first Vanguard Sound concert in Japan.[4] Exclusive merch like Griffin & Kryuger pendants were sold during the events.

2018 concert Dolls instruments:

2019 concert Dolls instruments:

Gunblaze Jam

A live concert of Girls' Frontline ECHOES titled Gunblaze Jam with the voice actresses of HK416, G11, UMP40, UMP45, MDR and SPAS-12 was set to take place at the Hulic Hall in Tokyo on 27 June 2020 but was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.[5] The event was replaced by an online live titled Operation Calling on 18 December 2020.

Gunblaze Jam artwork.jpg