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Girls' Frontline: Doll's Song

Girls' Frontline: Doll's Song (少女前线-人形之歌 in Chinese and ドールフロントライン人形之歌 in Japanese) is the official Girls' Frontline manhua (“Chinese manga”) adaptation, illustrated by Ling (aka Miharu or cgsky). It's published in Chinese by Bilibili Manga since January 2019 and in Japanese by Monthly Comic REX since September 2019. No English release has been announced.

Up to chapter 29, the manga follows the outline of the game's story but greatly expands on it by reordering minor events, adding new situations and introducing several Griffin Tactical Commanders. The in-game Commander is replaced by Gentiane, the main commander of the story, who gets involved with AR Team and sometimes receives the help from commanders of other Griffin bases: Feodor Kamolov, Shi Jun and Kawasaki (see next section to see who commands which T-Doll). Commanders occasionally deploy in the field wearing assisted armor. The manga starts following the original narrative more closely when it reaches the game's Chapter 8.


Game Chapter(s) Manga Chapter(s) Story Content Character introductions
0 1, 2 Raid on Safe House 3 and AR Team's dispersion.
1, 2 3 Battle with Scarecrow skipped. Battle with Executioner, M4 retrieved by Griffin.
3 4 to 7 Battle with Hunter, SOP-II and AR-15 retrieved by Griffin.
4 8 to 10 Added scene: return to Safe House 3. Battle between HK416 and M16A1, battle against Intruder, M16 retrieved by Griffin.
4E, 5, 5E 11 to 15 Battle against Destroyer, AR-15 runs away
Operation Cube 15 to 19 Added character: Groza. Squad 404's battle against Ouroboros
6, 6E 20 to 25 Hunt for AR-15, battle against Alchemist, AR-15's sacrifice
7N 22 Brief remembrance by Negev
4N 25 Makarov hands to RO635 the message AR-15 left for her
7 26 to 28 Battle against Dreamer and Mastermind
8 29, 30 Recap of Arctic Warfare and Operation Cube Plus, AR Team recovers File No. 7 from Sangvis Base 0
8E 31, 32 M16A1 submits to Parapluie to wake up M4A1
9 33 SOP-II and RO search for M16, Kryuger and Gentiane plan the joint assault on Sangvis Ferri with the KCCO


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