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Gin Profile Quotes


AS-B is the first mass-market bartending Doll produced by UAS. Considering how bartending is a personable service which requires a certain degree of charm, it would stand to reason that bartending Dolls be installed with a state-of-the-art emotions system. However, due to their desire to cater to the mass-market, UAS ended up cutting out this part of the design to lower costs. To make up for this deficiency, UAS gave their word that every AS-B Doll would be given complimentary upgrades to their bartending skills in perpetuity.

A businessman named Charles purchased an AS-B model named Gin. Gin's arrival breathed new life into the businessman's establishment, and the bar quickly became a hit among local patrons. However, this success was short-lived, and before long, the bar was desolate once again. Charles cast aside both Gin and the bar itself, leaving Gin without a master.

Thanks to the help of employees from UAS, Gin managed to go through the global volunteer recruitment program by 42Lab and become a participant in the Neural Cloud.

Doll Profile 1

People wish to share their life's various joys and sorrows with others, and alcohol makes for a fine companion to these vicissitudes. There is far more to bartending than technical skill alone. The general consensus regarding AS-B models was that while a program may be capable of concocting a drink that makes one's taste buds sing, it would never be able to produce a drink that could truly comfort the soul.

Gin, however, is different. As he listens to a customer, he is capable of producing a cocktail perfectly suited to the moment at just the right time. After serving them, he will, in a somewhat detached manner, calmly wait for the customer's thoughts on the drink.

"You read my mind", is something heard by those who frequent the bar, often until closing time.

Doll Profile 2

Unlike most AS-B models who enter standby mode once the sun comes up, Gin is accustomed to having a moment alone once all the customers have left in the early morning.

At the bar, dusk acts as a stark divider between stillness and raucousness, between the two worlds of night and day. Gin is fascinated by this phenomenon.

In principle, Gin's low-level emotions system does not allow for him to experience any form of creative or deeper emotions. Nevertheless, what Gin does perceive is time, and being surrounded by both alcohol and people's thoughts.

Doll Profile 3

A certain bar, named "Scarlet Chords", has never been a true hit with its customers. Gin often gets an earful from the customers regarding the interior decorations. From the layout of the display window, to the music and the menu itself, there is no shortage of criticism.

But the boss doesn't seem to mind. For him, the bar merely exists to make money. Gin has grown accustomed to customers having a problem with the decorations, and is also used to flashing a smile in an attempt to smooth them over.

Although he doesn't know when it started, Gin has started to experience certain impulses in his central processing unit. He wants to give the bar more atmosphere.

"Atmosphere" is a word he picked up from a customer.

However, these trivial impulses always disappear, along with the clinking of ice cubes at the bottom of a glass.

Doll Profile 4

The vagaries of life are a uniquely human experience. When Gin is alone, he sometimes recaps everything that he has seen and heard.

A young woman who had attempted to take her life the night before, nestled in the arms of a new flame, a beaming smile on her face. A rich man retreating into the bar after squandering his wealth, a defeated look in his eyes.

All of them were just like the drinks that were tossed to-and-fro between his hands.

In contrast, the life of a Doll is very much a straight line, composed solely of making drinks, reading, and sleeping.

At least, that was what Gin felt before the accident.

Doll Profile 5

"It is not alcohol that swirls inside a cocktail glass, but the different lives of all your customers." This was a line written in the Bartender's Manual that was discarded along with Gin.

As Gin spent endless nights wandering the streets, this sentence would always run through his mind. Perhaps such a sentence was too complex for his low-level emotions system, but however vague his understanding was, he couldn't help but disagree with the sentiment. He recalled an image: the outlines of the bar patrons scurrying to and fro in the reflection of the drinking glass. How could a human life be so dull as to be contained within a glass?

Perhaps the entire reason he was manufactured was simply to act as a database for drink recipes and to mix drinks. He had no understanding of human life. So long as the drinks he served them made them stay, however briefly... That was enough for him.

Eventually, he arrived at the Oasis. His memory bank would no longer consist exclusively of drink recipes and tales heard from bar patrons. He came to know many more Dolls like him, and met the Professor.

Gin had then changed his mind.

For the first time, he wanted to make drinks for other people.

For the first time, he would use the drinks he created to record others' lives.