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Fixed Point

Full name Fixed Point
Event type Story
Released on CN, TW, KR, EN
Available in campaign menu No

Winter 2022 story event.


"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Event run timeEdit

Title Period (start/end) Server Type Comment
静冈点 2022-01-20 03:00 - 2022-02-17 03:00 (UTC)

CN Story Event
靜風點 2022-01-28 02:00 - 2022-02-25 01:59 (UTC)

TW Story Event
고정점 2022-02-11 01:00 - 2022-03-11 14:59 (UTC)

KR Story Event
Fixed Point 2023-01-17 18:00 - 2023-02-14 07:59 (UTC)

EN Story Event


New T-Dolls

  • RF TF-Q TF-Q      (Obtained as a reward for clearing E3-4)
  • AR QBZ-191 QBZ-191      (Obtained as a reward for clearing E4-4)
  • SMG Sterling Sterling      (Obtained as a drop at E3-4, E4-5, E0-3, ∞-2)
  • MG LS26 LS26      (Obtained as a drop at E3-1, E4-1, E0-1, E0-2, ∞-1)
  • HG PPQ PPQ      (Obtained as a drop at E3-1, E4-1, E0-1, E0-2, ∞-1)
  • HG Rhino Rhino      (Obtained as a reward for opening Fixed Point crates, one is guaranteed upon opening 777 crates)

Event Maps

The event consists of four story chapters and two additional groups. The guide sections will be separated as such into subpages.



  • The statue seen in the event bears a strong resemblance to the Winged Victory of Samothrace.
  • The promotional video can be seen on Youtube.
  • A slightly modified version of the first verse of the Song of the International Brigades are seen at the end of the credit sequence:

Wir im fernen Vaterland geboren, (We, born in the distant fatherland,)
Nahmen nichts als Haß im Herzen mit. (Took along nothing except hatred in the heart.)
Doch wir haben die Heimat nicht verloren, (But we haven't lost our home,)
Unsre Heimat ist heute vor G&K. (Today, our home is in front of G&K)