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Five-seveN is the vice-captain of Team FN, which is specially responsible for investigating extraordinary or unexplained events. She first appears in night battle of Chapter 6. She is very optimistic and popular among G&K members, but she is also ambitious and vicious, which shows when communicating with AR FAL FAL     , who is the captain of Team FN, by stating she will replace FAL as captain someday. Though she always says that she can't get along with FAL, she is also one of very few G&K members that truly understands FAL's thoughts and actions, she is both the best friend and rival of FAL at the same time. When FAL is in trouble on the battlefield, Five-seveN will always have her back.

Story InvolvementEdit

Chapter 6: The KindlingEdit

First appearance of Five-seveN is in night battle of Chapter 6. Team FN is assigned to investigate the missing T-Doll rumor in Sector S08, and since the SF Boss unit Alchemist is involved, who only captures elite units, Five-seveN is assigned by FAL to be a decoy to lure Alchemist to show up.

Operation Rabbit HuntEdit

Five-seveN and other 3 members of Team FN (AR FAL FAL     , AR FNC FNC     , RF FN-49 FN-49     ) are the key characters of Operation Rabbit Hunting, since Team FN are specialized for dealing with extraordinary and unexplained events.

FN-49 Digimind Upgrade StoryEdit

She also appears in the story of Digi-Mind Upgrade of RF FN-49 FN-49     (who is also a member of Team FN) to mediate her relationship with AR FNC FNC     .

M1918 Digimind Upgrade StoryEdit

Far Side of the SeaEdit

Five-seveN was among the dolls that participating in a contract mission given to Griffin to eliminate possible threat in a deserted island. SG SPAS-12 SPAS-12      was offering everyone to eat the watermelon together, but Five-seveN have different thing in mind. She deemed eating the watermelon normally would be a waste, and came up with watermelon splitting game idea. The blindfolded SPAS-12 managed to split it in half, despite it's just a palm away from Commander's head. Feeling guilty, the two ran away after giving the Commander all the watermelon.

Later she suddenly contacted other dolls that were idle after her search team made a contact with the enemy. The Commander has gone missing, and there's a possibility that the enemy did the kidnapping. RF WA2000 WA2000      irritated that Five-seveN just connected to her neural cloud without permission. Five-seveN riled her up, saying that she's going to rescue the Commander since Commander might need her more than any other time.

MG Type 88 Type 88      suggested that they should share the location to other doll, but SG SPAS-12 SPAS-12      want to charge ahead and finish the enemy in a stylish way. Five-seveN agreed with the latter, and the three forced their way in but they made a contact with autonomous weapons spilling from inside the plant. There were shouting and panicking noise, and three people came out from the plant safety door. The Commander followed by RF R93 R93      and HG P38 P38      managed to get out. Five-seveN waved to Commander, and the Commander waved back. They've been only separated for a short while, and Five-seveN wondering why the Commander was being so excited. Shortly, the wall crumbled as it was breached by a gigantic war machine that after them. Griffin reinforcement arrived, and they worked together to defeat the titan.