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Fern Profile Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Morning Another day of work... Honestly, I don't really feel like it.
Afternoon As I gaze into the Urvogel's skull, the Urvogel's skull also gazes into me.
Evening And here I thought I can finally enjoy my 90% off wagyu bento from the convenience store... Turns out it's two days past expiration. It's totally rotten...
Night My head is filled with thoughts about Velociraptor fangs... I can't sleep at all!
Main Interface Voice People claiming to have found living trilobites are all liars, without exception. The "trilobites" they found are simply horseshoe crabs. One is a chelicerate, while the other is closer to mandibulates.
When will my days of being broke come to an end? I can't even come up with enough change for subway rides...
Professor, did you stay up too late last night? Well... guess I shouldn't disturb you in your sleep.
I really shouldn't say this, but... Professor, can you come to the store with me? I was hoping you could help me buy something.
Interactive Voice Oh?
Hmm... Are you okay, Professor?
That tickles...
Relationship Dialogues Staring at specimens and fossils all day long and recording the observations... It's indeed too boring for the average person, but this is the most basic of basics for an archaeologist.
I'm particularly interested in collecting two kinds of items. One of them is fossils of flora and fauna to birds and dinosaurs. The other is discount vouchers and food coupons. They help me minimize my expenses, because I'm literally broke... Ugh, when will I have a decent meal again?
Professor, can you lend me some money? I only need a little... It's an embarrassing favor to ask for, but you know how poor archaeologists can get. Oh fine, I'll tell you! It's because I just bought a new tool. They are so nicely designed after all, I couldn't help it! ... Or maybe you can just buy me a bento?
You should have some basic knowledge about this too. Be it mammals or reptiles, we all originated from the sea. The human ancestors bravely climbed out of the sea, and they made considerable sacrifices to survive. In other words, humanity would not have made it this far without the courage and the willingness to make sacrifices. What do you think?
Today's work is almost over. Since it's not too late in the evening yet, can we go shopping together... They're having discounts today! Also, help me with the shopping bags, please!
Moods A-ahaha...
Accept Yes.
Agree I see...
Appreciate Indeed.
Feeling I understand.
Oath I don't really think I have any likable personality traits, to be honest... But I'm not going to turn you down since you've done so much for me. Let's form an oath together.
Obtain I'm Fern. Professor, would you give me a little financial support? Archaeological research is costly, you see.

Neural Cloud Neural Cloud

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Potential Breakthrough A strong focus is an essential quality for archaeologists.
Neural Expansion Mountains can turn into oceans, but the evidence of past life will not be wiped out.
Max Neural Expansion
Archaeology isn't really a profitable business, but will you continue to support me?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Join Team We're leaving? Where to?
Battle Start The investigation begins.
Ultimate Skill It's over!
MVP1 Mission complete.
MVP2 Is there anything else for me to work on?
Retreat I can't... anymore...
Are naps on duty allowed?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Christmas Don't look at me like that... It's just my habit as an archaeologist. Besides, plenty of people must have tried reassembling chicken bones in restaurants, right?
Halloween Skeletons won't scare me as I've been working with them every day. Perhaps you can try something else?
New Year I wonder why everyone enjoys going out on New Year's so much... Isn't it better to stay at home and sleep after so many days of hard work? Oh! I just remembered there's a discount event at the supermarket today!
Tanabata I see couples flirting everywhere. Ugh, come on!
Valentine Oh, these chocolates are expiring? Then we should finish them today! I'll help you! Eating expired food is fine for Dolls like me, after all.
Player's Birthday Happy birthday. It's a strange gift, but... The nautilus is quite precious. It's one of the few animals that has been prospering on Earth for billions of years. Please take good care of it.