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Events (EN)/2018/September

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September 25th[edit]

Exclusive Equipment Drop Rate-Up[edit]

Equipment Rate Up

September 25th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ October 8th 23:59 GMT-8
All exclusive equipment from Night Battles 1-4 will have boosted drop rates for the duration of the event. This applies to both manual and auto runs.

September 11th[edit]

Pixie Warfare[edit]

Bingo Event

September 11th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ October 1st 23:59 GMT-8
Key Card (Bingo) event. Complete Daily Missions to acquire numbers on the bingo card. Completing lines will unlock the rewards listed at the sides of the card and completing 1,4,8, and 14 lines will yield generous rewards, including limited 5-Star AR ART556.
Complete special mission to get encryption cards to participate in this event.

  • "Key Cards" will be given from completing the daily missions.
  • 6 basic missions are available everyday, completing the basic missions will unlock 3 advanced missions.
  • Key Cards are used to unlock a random number on the board.
  • Completing a line on the card will reward you with the item the line aligns with.
  • Getting a repeat number will give you 10 points, saving up 100 points will allow you to fill in a number of your choice.
  • Extra items will be rewarded when a certain number of bingo lines (1,4,8, and 14) are completed.

Hustle & Bustle[edit]

Resupply Gacha

September 11th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ September 24th 23:59 GMT-8
Costume and furniture gacha event.

  • Lee-Enfield's "Huntress' Frock" Costume
  • Grizzly's "Weekend Cop" Costume
  • Type 64's "Water Gown" Costume
  • M1919A4's "Party Sweetheart" Costume
  • "Sangvis Ferris" Furniture (5 Star) Set
  • "Japanese-Style Crispy Winter" Furniture (4 Star) Set
  • "Japanese-Style Warm Winter" Furniture (4 Star) Set

September 8th[edit]

Double Monthly Gems[edit]

Double Monthly Gems

September 8th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ September 14th 23:59 GMT-8
For the duration of the event daily gems bought through the "Monthly Gems Card" will be doubled (x30 Icon gem.png > x60 Icon gem.png.
This applies even to Monthly Gems Cards purchased prior to the event.

September 4th[edit]

New T-Dolls Released[edit]

New T-Dolls

September 4th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ September 5th 23:59 GMT-8
Rateup for newly released T-Dolls.

Half-Price Resources[edit]

Resource Discount

September 4th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ September 10th 23:59 GMT-8
Half price discount on all resources. Limited to 50 purchases.

September 1st[edit]

Daily Special[edit]

September Daily Special

September 1st 00:00 GMT-8 ~ September 30th 23:59 GMT-8

Item Dummy Core.pngx1, Item Basic Training Data.pngx600, Item Intermediate Training Data.pngx300, Item Advanced Training Data.pngx150

Package cost: 118 Icon gem.png (One Purchase per day)

September Special Offer[edit]

September Special Offer

September 1st 00:00 GMT-8 ~ September 7th 23:59 GMT-8

Item Oath Certificate.pngx1, Item Quick Training Contract.pngx1, Item Calibration Ticket.pngx300, Cakex10

Package cost: 580 Icon gem.png (One Purchase)