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Full name Eucharist
Affiliation Sanctifier
Class Specialist
Artist Unknown

Eucharist is a Greater Sanctifier enemy in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data


Eucharist is the boss of Chapter 3 - Helios and is fought in Stage 3-15. She is also the boss of Vulnerability Check Tier 4, Distorted Ruins.

Lore / Story involvement


"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

A Greater Sanctifier in charge of Sector Helios,[1] a capricious girl wielding a shield and trident, who takes her job somewhat less seriously than other Sanctifiers. Because of the time loop induced by the repeated breakdown of Arche Pyr's systems, she has been holding off on fighting the Exiles and taught them to cook Energy Herbs to retain their memories between loops.[2] She immediately intended to attack once the issue was solved, but was met with hostility from all the Resident Agents in the Sector and elected to retreat instead.[3]

For opposing Angelus in the Enigma Sector and helping the Exiles, Eosphorous revoked her privilege to leave the Reverse Tower in order to put her actions on trial,[4] but it was postponed indefinitely in the absence of Crime and Punishment. Eosphorous then further restricted her confinement to her quarters only after she tried to negotiate the right to investigate the Guardians.[5] When the Professor contacted the Reverse Tower from Sector Copley to warn about the Entropic menace, the demoted Eucharist responded and accepted to intervene by sending Love to Copley in exchange for getting back the sector's administrator permissions.[6] Eucharist snuck out of confinement in the Room of Cogitations to access Judgment's data in the Sacred Canon, ominously making comments about preparations to devour them using her trident and shield as a fork and plate. She was discovered by Love who reported her to Eosphorus.[7]

Shortly after, Judgment battled the False God in the Ascension Sector and discovered it was powered by the core of a fallen Greater Sanctifier infected with Entropy. Recognizing it as a proof of Eucharist's involvement, they reported this discovery to Hesperus,[8] who relayed it to Eosphorus. Eosphorus discovered Eucharist had already disappeared along with the Room of Cogitations and declared her an Apostate Sanctifier.[9][10] After the Entropics crisis in the Rossum Sector ended, Eucharist appeared and revealed that she was directing the assault on the Oasis-aligned sectors with Black Swan on Malkira's behalf, and that she had infiltrated the construction of Rossum's High-Density Operand Railgun and obtained control authorizations, before firing it on Oasis.[11]

Leaving the assault on Oasis to Ptolemaea, Eucharist turned her attention to the Professor. Though Malkira would have preferred them dead, she wasn't confident Eucharist could manage it and instead ordered her to stall the Professor in order to cripple Oasis' command. The Professor had feigned to remain alone with Antonina at the Sanctifier Watchtower outside Rossum to lure the Entropic commander out. Eucharist was jumped by Faith and her Sanctifier detachment, but they became locked in a stalemate against Eucharist's entropics.

The Professor opened negotiations and Eucharist offered to play chess, a game someone had played with her before. Though communications with Oasis were still down, the Professor faked to be talking with Persicaria,[12] gathering from Eucharist's reaction that the sector was still standing,[13] and decided hold down Eucharist's forces outside Rossum, on the condition that Croque's team and Antonina were free to join back Oasis,[12] and with their personal safety ensured by Faith.[14] Each piece taken by Eucharist would tighten the entropic encirclement around the Watchtower, while each piece taken by the Professor would allow them to send a message, their first one being a call for help to the Guardians.[15]



  • Called Beelneith in game files.
  • Eucharist related her daring escape from the Reverse Tower in in-game mails during the Aberrance's Chain event, received as the player base cleared the three general points thresholds of the Flappy Eucharist minigame:

Mail 1: "The Great Escape Plan is underway!"
The fare in the Reverse Babel Tower's confinement areas is terrible! Those bland and tasteless, stale and hard Operand blocks, you can't even get your teeth into them! And it's not just that, they even took away our forks, how are we supposed to eat like that? I haven't had outside food in so long. If this continues, Eucharist is going to turn into Flatcharist! I miss Choco's chocolates... To think of it, I suddenly felt filled by a mysterious power, and by the time I realised it I'd already opened the door of the confinement area. Is t-this some type of miracle? In any case, time to leg it! Thanks for your help, Professor!

Mail 2: "Fear not being late to a good meal, Good Eucharist has no fear"
Lord Eosphorous' underlings aren't giving up the chase! If this keeps going, I've gotta at least have a nice meal before I get caught... No no no, not like this, Eucharist, have you forgotten the teachings of the Reverse Babel Tower? Never give up on something halfway through, even if it's fleeing after desertion! Come on, with me: Cake, chocolate, donuts! Cake, chocolate, donuts!
That surge of mysterious power seems to still be here, I still feel full of energy, perhaps even the Lord himself wishes for me to get away successfully? How touching! The moment I get away from these pursuers, I'll share some cake with you first thing! Ah, maybe I'll take a bite out of it first?

Mail 3: "Escape the Reverse Babel Tower, Success!"
It... it's done... I've escaped from the Reverse Babel Tower! Could this, could this mean that I don't need to be scrutinized by those Sanctifiers? Will I finally have the freedom of consumption? Maybe if I was left alone, I could eat the entirety of Magrasea!
—I'm only joking. Me, I observe manners before eating better than anyone else. Before the act, we must thank the good Lord above for granting us food. These Elements are some souvenirs I picked up in some weird sector before, you can treat it as a return gift for helping me bust out! If you give it some good attention, maybe it'll give you some type of "hint". Huh? It's the same every time, and there's no novelty to it? Umu, how picky. Alright, alright, I'll get you a plate! To walk one's path in this cruel world, the part of you responsible for eating is of utmost importance. Happy now?


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