Equipment Production

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Equipment Production Menu

Equipment Production can be accessed through the Factory menu. Equipment production works similarly to T-Doll Production and allows commanders to craft equipment that can boost various stats of their T-Dolls. Episode 2-6 must be completed before equipment production is unlocked.

Note: Heavy equipment crafting is unlocked after finishing 60 Missions (Include Normal/Emergency/Midnight difficult).

Craftable Equipment

Equipment Production Table

Below are recommended recipes for those who seek 5* Legendary equipment, note that these recipes are the literal minimal resources required for said pieces of 5* Equipment, but that doesn't mean it'll bar out other potential equipment rarities, you must understand that these recipes DO NOT GUARANTEE A 5 STAR PIECE OF EQUIPMENT on your first build and that it'll require patience and trial and error to build one. These recipes are also for those who wish to be as resource efficient as possible.

Target Icon manpower.png Icon ammo.png Icon ration.png Icon parts.png
Universal 150 150 150 150
Universal without Scopes 151 151 151 151
Universal without Ammo Types 110 110 110 150
ITI Mars
EOT 518
VFL 6-24x56
10 10 10 10
PEQ-16A 50 10 100 10
AC4 Suppressor 50 10 10 10
APCR High-Velocity Ammo
Mk211 High-Explosive Armor-Piercing Ammo
ILM Hollow Point Ammo
#000 Buckshot
10 150 10 50
IOP X4 Exoskeleton
IOP T4 Exoskeleton
50 10 10 50
Type 3 Armor Plate 10 10 50 50
IOP Maximum Ammo Box 10 10 10 150
Thermoptic Camouflage Cape 100 10 100 10

Tactical Fairies

Additional fairy information can be found at Technical Fairies.

Fairy Production Table

Much like how LSC/HP is the primary way of obtaining SG T-doll's, HEC (Heavy Equipment Construction) will be the primary way of obtaining T-Fairies. While most of the Fairies can be obtained from the base recipe, some Fairies require much more for them to have a chance of dropping. Note that these recipes DO NOT GUARANTEE the Fairy and you still only have a general 27% chance of building a fairy from HEC. Recipes are as follows:

Technical Fairy Icon manpower.png Icon ammo.png Icon ration.png Icon parts.png
 Armor Fairy
 Shield Fairy
 Provocation Fairy
 Sniper Fairy
 Bombardment Fairy
 Airstrike Fairy
 Warrior Fairy
 Fury Fairy
 Command Fairy
 Rescue Fairy
 Illumination Fairy
500 500 500 500
 Defense Fairy
 Reinforcement Fairy
 Airborne Fairy
2000 500 2000 1000
 Landmine Fairy
 Rocket Fairy
 Construction Fairy
500 2000 2000 1000

Non-craftable Equipment

Exclusive equipment

Equipment Compatible T-Doll
Ability Upgrade Cartridge SMG IDWThumb button.pngIDW 
Dedicated Tactical Memory MG AmeliThumb button.pngAmeli 
Hayha Memory Chip RF Mosin-NagantThumb button.pngMosin-Nagant 
Titan Fire Control Chip MG M1918Thumb button.pngM1918 
Antique Kaleidoscope SMG HenriettaThumb button.pngHenrietta 
BPR4 & SRM6 AR MDRThumb button.pngMDR 
Nagant Revolver Silencer HG Nagant RevolverThumb button.pngNagant Revolver 
OSS Suppressor SMG M3Thumb button.pngM3 
Osprey45 Silencer SMG Agent VectorThumb button.pngAgent Vector 
PPK Suppressor HG PPKThumb button.pngPPK 
Sten Exclusive Silencer SMG Sten MkIIThumb button.pngSten MkII 
Type 64 Exclusive Suppressor SMG Type 64Thumb button.pngType 64 
ACOG (4x) AR Agent 416Thumb button.pngAgent 416 
ART2 RF M21Thumb button.pngM21 
Advanced Individual Optic AR Type 95Thumb button.pngType 95 

AR Type 97Thumb button.pngType 97 

FELIN System Sight AR FAMASThumb button.pngFAMAS 
G36 Hybrid Optics AR G36Thumb button.pngG36 
K6-24X56 RF Mosin-NagantThumb button.pngMosin-Nagant 
KST1P7 AR AK-47Thumb button.pngAK-47 

AR Type 56-1Thumb button.pngType 56-1 

KST1P8 AR AK-47Thumb button.pngAK-47 

AR Type 56-1Thumb button.pngType 56-1 

KSTSP AR AK-47Thumb button.pngAK-47 

AR Type 56-1Thumb button.pngType 56-1 

No.32 MKI RF Lee-EnfieldThumb button.pngLee-Enfield 
PM 5-25X56 RF Kar98kThumb button.pngKar98k 
ZFG42 MG FG42Thumb button.pngFG42 
Black Cat HG FailThumb button.pngFail 
Glory Light HG ClearThumb button.pngClear 
PKN03M Night Scope AR 9A-91Thumb button.png9A-91 
AMP COMPSP SMG UMP9Thumb button.pngUMP9 
DO Reflex Optic SMG Beretta Model 38Thumb button.pngBeretta Model 38 
EOT XPS3 AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416 
LED Tactical Flashlight SMG MP5Thumb button.pngMP5 
.300BLK High-Velocity Ammo AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15 
5.56mm HV rounds (Explosive) AR Agent 416Thumb button.pngAgent 416 
7.92 KURZ AR StG44Thumb button.pngStG44 
9x39mm SPP AR OTs-12Thumb button.pngOTs-12 
SP-6 Subsonic Rounds AR AS ValThumb button.pngAS Val 
416's Go Bag AR Agent 416Thumb button.pngAgent 416 
GSG UX Exoskeleton SMG MP5Thumb button.pngMP5 
MK31 Multi-functional Exoskeleton SMG SuomiThumb button.pngSuomi 
UMP UX Exoskeleton SMG UMP9Thumb button.pngUMP9 

SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40 
SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45 

Vector's Go Bag SMG Agent VectorThumb button.pngAgent Vector 
White Knight Armor HG SeiThumb button.pngSei 
Blue Thickened Cape RF PTRDThumb button.pngPTRD 
Digital Camouflage Cape RF SV-98Thumb button.pngSV-98 
12.7mm 1SL RF KSVKThumb button.pngKSVK 
20mm HEI RF NTW-20Thumb button.pngNTW-20 
National Match-Grade Armor-Piercing Ammo RF SpringfieldThumb button.pngSpringfield 
CT 4X20 MG M1918Thumb button.pngM1918 
MG4 Exclusive MGO MG MG4Thumb button.pngMG4 
MGO 6X48 MG LWMMGThumb button.pngLWMMG 
MGP Upgrade Kit SG M500Thumb button.pngM500 
MPL M21 SMG Micro UziThumb button.pngMicro Uzi 
Custom Exoskeletal Armor AR M16A1Thumb button.pngM16A1 
Tactical Mobile Shield SG Type 97 ShotgunThumb button.pngType 97 Shotgun 
7N31 HG GSh-18Thumb button.pngGSh-18 
ACS-L RF Super SASSThumb button.pngSuper SASS 
Acceleration Coil RF Hanyang Type 88Thumb button.pngHanyang Type 88 
Additional Process Module SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45 
Adelhyde 1 HG JillThumb button.pngJill 
Adelhyde 2 HG JillThumb button.pngJill 
Artificial Hands MG AlmaThumb button.pngAlma 
BM59 Heavy Barrel RF BM59Thumb button.pngBM59 
Bren L4 Barrel Group MG BrenThumb button.pngBren 
Bronson Ext HG JillThumb button.pngJill 
C96 Oak Gunstock HG C96Thumb button.pngC96 
Celestial Meteor MG ClaesThumb button.pngClaes 
Childrens' Storybook AR AngelicaThumb button.pngAngelica 
Colt Revolver Long Barrel HG Colt RevolverThumb button.pngColt Revolver 
Combat Bayonet SG TrielaThumb button.pngTriela 
Dinergate-Type RO AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II 
Fire Selector RF FN-49Thumb button.pngFN-49 
Flanergide HG JillThumb button.pngJill 
G-Box AR G11Thumb button.pngG11 
G3 Improved Barrel Group AR G3Thumb button.pngG3 
High Performance Tactical Hair Decoration AR G41Thumb button.pngG41 
Inherited Weapon Arsenal AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1 
Karmotrine 1 HG JillThumb button.pngJill 
Karmotrine 2 HG JillThumb button.pngJill 
Karmotrine 3 HG JillThumb button.pngJill 
Light Weight Rail System AR ST AR-15Thumb button.pngST AR-15 
M2 Bipod RF M14Thumb button.pngM14 
M9 BC2 Grips HG M9Thumb button.pngM9 
MAX10 Upper Receiver SMG MAC-10Thumb button.pngMAC-10 
MP446C Competition Barrel HG MP-446Thumb button.pngMP-446 
Mechanical Arm SG DanaThumb button.pngDana 
Optical Glasses MG ClaesThumb button.pngClaes 
Pet Keychain SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635 
Playing Cards RF RicoThumb button.pngRico 
Prosthetic Eye RF StellaThumb button.pngStella 
Pwd Delta HG JillThumb button.pngJill 
RFB Forward Rail Guard AR RFBThumb button.pngRFB 
RPD Infantry Webbing MG RPDThumb button.pngRPD 
SIG-510 Fire Selector AR SIG-510Thumb button.pngSIG-510 
Stechkin Exclusive Stock HG StechkinThumb button.pngStechkin 
Tactical Ahoge HG StechkinThumb button.pngStechkin 
Tactical Earphones AR TAR-21Thumb button.pngTAR-21 
Tactical Folding Stock SMG Spectre M4Thumb button.pngSpectre M4 
Tactical Grip HG MakarovThumb button.pngMakarov 
Tactical Guard Rail HG SerdyukovThumb button.pngSerdyukov 
Tactical Headband AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416 
Type 100 Folding Stock SMG Type 100Thumb button.pngType 100 
WML & Tactical Handguard HG M950AThumb button.pngM950A 
Wooden Grips HG NZ75Thumb button.pngNZ75 
Wristwatch MG ClaesThumb button.pngClaes 
.357 Jacketed Hollow Point Round HG Astra RevolverThumb button.pngAstra Revolver 
.45 Hollow Point (Incendiary) SMG Agent VectorThumb button.pngAgent Vector 
MIRD5-Class Ammo SMG DorothyThumb button.pngDorothy 
RIP380ACP SMG SkorpionThumb button.pngSkorpion 
S&B762 SMG Type 79Thumb button.pngType 79 
XM261 ACP HG M1911Thumb button.pngM1911 
Infinite Ammo Box MG MG3Thumb button.pngMG3 
20GA Buckshot SG KS-23Thumb button.pngKS-23 
Frag-12 HE Rounds SG AA-12Thumb button.pngAA-12 

Non-exclusive equipment

Non-Exclusive Equipment

Construction rates

According to an official statement[1] the construction rates are as follows.

These are average chances, with different resources spent. Occurrence chances of different star levels may vary[2].

Construction type 2-Star 3-Star 4-Star 5-Star Fairy
Equipment normal construction 48.5% 30% 15% 6.5% -
Equipment heavy construction (low tier) - 40% 22% 11% 27%
Equipment heavy construction (mid tier) - 0% 45% 18% 37%
Equipment heavy construction (high tier) - 0% 27% 26% 47%