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Full name Eosphorous
Affiliation Sanctifier
Class Specialist
Artist Unknown

"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

Eosphorous or Eosphorus (晨星) is a Greater Sanctifier in Project Neural Cloud.

Stats / Data

Not yet found in Global.


Eosphorous is fought indirectly in Chapter 2 - Cyclopes through Raven - Destructed. Eosphorous appears in Stage 5-15 to destroy Entropic Wisdom but cannot be fought. He is on the field in Perilous Advancement Stage 29 as a Special unit but is constantly in Stealth and cannot be fought. 16 seconds into battle phase 3 of 3, he will use his skill Celestial Cleansing, destroying the only player unit deployable in this stage,  SolSol .

Lore / Story involvement

One of the leaders of the Sanctifiers along with Hesperus. Among the Greater Sanctifiers, Eosphorous is seen as a moderate. He considers that not all Irregular Agents need to be destroyed if they are cooperative, as all Agents were once equals as children of God (meaning, as creations of mankind).[1] This stance is in opposition to Hesperus' radical faction.[2] While Eosphorous initially led the Sanctifiers against the Entropics at the border battlefront,[3] he ultimately left the task of managing it to Hesperus to focus on monitoring the sectors.[4] Considering the variety of acceptable behaviors among the sectors, especially the unruly and spontaneous Agents of Burbank, Eosphorous has long pondered the definition of an “Irregular Agent”, but ultimately couldn't settle on the limits of “rationality”[5] and whether artificial minds should have the right to have their own desires.[6]

When the Exiles of Oasis confronted Raven in Cyclopes, Eosphorous took over Raven's body as she was nearing defeat to assess the Exiles. He disapproved of Antonina's hacking, finding her direct attacks on other's neural clouds too close to the methods of the Entropics, and tested the Exiles and the Professor in battle[7] before Raven's body fell apart.[8] After the battle between Eucharist and Angelus in Enigma Sector, Angelus insisted that Eucharist be branded a traitor, but Eosphorous decided to put her on trial to assess her actions instead of cleansing her outright.[4] As sectors Rossum, Cyclopes, Helios then Enigma allied themselves with Oasis and activated Sandbox Mode to cut their ties with the Sanctifiers, Eosphorous made efforts to approach the Irregular Agents diplomatically.[9]

When the local Watchtower reported the emergence of Entropics in Sector Pierides, Eosphorous prevented Angelus to head there and sent her and Raven to answer Hesperus' call for reinforcement at the border. He instead dispatched Wisdom to cleanse the Entropics and train her to fight them, along with Crime to investigate their emergence,[3] but ultimately had to intervene in person after Wisdom became Entropized.[10] When the Professor warned Eucharist of the Entropic presence in Sector Copley, Eosphorous sent Love to train her, but gave her an army of Lesser Sanctifiers to command to avoid a repeat of Wisdom's incident.[11]

Eosphorous briefly appears in the epilogue of the Heartfelt House of Cocoa event. Love reported finding significant amounts of chocolate in Eucharist's room. Eosphorous stated he would personally investigate the matter as the chocolate's origins were unclear and therefore should not be consumed. After dismissing Love, Eosphorous sampled the chocolate with a frown, noting that the taste was addictive. He contemplated what the gods would have thought regarding the matter as he silently prayed.

While searching for the runaway Eucharist in Burbank, Eosphorous used a Neural Cloud projection to disguise himself as tour guide Eos[9] and invited the Oasis to a festival in Sector Burbank, hoping to better understand the Professor.[12] After assisting in countering the Entropic outbreak in the sector, Eosphorous was confronted by Hesperus and convinced him of the usefulness of an alliance with the Oasis, formally giving the Professor the responsibility to protect the sectors who had cut their ties with the Sanctifiers. He also offered the assistance of the Sanctifiers to find the missing Dolls from the Cloud Sector once the Entropic crisis had passed.[9] In truth, reducing the Sanctifier's influence furthered Eosphorous' plans.[13]

After the Oasis-aligned sectors were attacked by the Entropics and Oasis itself laid in waste after attacks from Rossum's captured Operand Railgun and Ptolemaea, Eosphorous sent a fragment of himself to Oasis.[13] Faking the Professor's signature, collected during their pact in Burbank, and forcefully entered the sector.[14] He attempted to seize Antonina's core but was stopped by Sol, who ultimately used a bomb to bring him down with her.[15] Eucharist revealed to the Professor that she had Eosphorous' backing from the start, and Hesperus declared that Eosphorous had led an en-masse defection. The Exiles later brought a fragment of Eosphorous left after the explosion to Enigma to analyze it and find an exploitable weakness.[13]


Alternative expressions



  • His name is inconsistently written as Eosphorous or Eosphorus in the English script, sometimes within the same chapter. This name is derived from the Greek ἠώς (eos-) and φέρω (-fero, becoming -phorus by way of Latin and -phorous by adjectivation in English), which means “bringing dawn”. His original name is 晨星 (chénxīng), meaning “morning stars”. Compare with the character Eos, originally named 晨曦 (chénxī), “morning light”.
  • Eosphorous' angelic theme is in opposition to Hesperus' draconic -theme, a duality found in Christian lore.


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