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"This is classified information!"

This article contains unmarked spoilers. You have been warned.

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Entropic unit acquisition animated logo.
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Entropics are monstrous carriers of the Entropy virus. The virus targets the environment and the Agents of Magrasea. After entering an Agent, the virus starts infecting it, first locking its consciousness at Level III, then entirely rewriting its base code, transforming it into a new Entropic at the end of the process[1] called “Entropization.”[2] The home region of the Entropics is the Tartarus Sector, where Arbiter Malkira resides on her throne at the center of the Shifting Labyrinth.[3]

After an Agent's data blueprints have been corrupted, they cannot be reset and are effectively dead[4][5] (Sanctifiers can still be reset in these conditions[6] and humans interfaced with cyberspace can apparently also become Entropized).[7] Corrupted agents are trapped in a state of ecstasy[8] and might be unaware that they are acting on the Entropy's behalf.[9] Entropics will charge Agents mindlessly to spread the infection[10] through wounds. Contact with Entropy Liquid also spreads the virus,[11] and if left alone the liquid will solidify and terraform the environment to give the Entropics a strategic advantage.[12] Entropic enemies are classified in Low-Order, Mid-Order and High-Order Entropics, defining their chain of command[13] and the purity of their source code.[14] Sources of the virus, called "Seed of Calamity", can generate a seemingly endless amount of operands, making them enticing to the operands-starved sectors after the Wipe-off Incident.[15][16]

The Entropy virus is extremely mutable once it enters a host. Because of this, it is not possible to develop a strong defense against the virus from analyzing a lower-order Entropic, the very source of the virus must be analyzed for this. This ability also let Entropics traverse firewalls and even the Professor's Sandbox Barrier effortlessly[17] and Trojans attacks are also ineffective due to the chaotic structure of Entropic data.[18] Sanctifiers have been fighting Entropics ever since their creation,[19] granting Intermediate Sanctifiers a measure of resilience against the virus.[2] Even so, Entropy strains capable of immediately infecting even Greater Sanctifiers have appeared,[20] and high levels of infection from even a regular strain are not easily cured by Sanctifiers, as the healing operands of the Reverse Tower's Baptismal Fonts become harmful to the heavily infected.[21] Oasis and Arcadia have independently developed countermeasures to noncritical levels of infection and successfully cured Croque and Sueyoi.[22]

A first Entropic mass outbreak was successfully put out by Lord Hesperus, but at the cost of the trust of the Sector Agents.[23] The Sanctifiers then established a border battlefront to keep the Entropics at bay, first under the command of Eosphorous, then of Hesperus. In 2063, the situation at the border worsened and Hesperus had to request reinforcements just as new Entropics appeared in Sector Pierides[24] under Malkira's influence, and later in Sector Copley.[25] The infected core of a Greater Sanctifier was discovered in Ascension and was determined to have been planted by Eucharist,[20] who was branded an Apostate Sanctifier.[26] Small-scale eruptions were successfully contained in Helios[27] and Burbank, but their accelerating rate presaged the second mass outbreak.[23] This second outbreak was facilitated by Eosphorous relinquishing control over the sectors and allowing the Apostle Eucharist to scatter Seeds of Calamity.[28]

The battle of the Sanctifiers against the Entropics is endless by design, as the supreme Sanctifier and supreme Entropic (respectively Eosphorus and Malkira in the Magrasea backup), cannot prevail over the other, even though they are the only entities strong enough to take down the other. If either of the supremes kill the other, the Magrasea code immediately registers its death as an out-of-parameters event for the simulation and instantly restores the fallen to full health.[29] Sanctifiers who manage to invade the Entropics' home base, the Shifting Labyrinth, will have their combat power gradually weakened as a deterrent.[30][31]

High-Order Entropics

Some High-Order Entropics are called Arbiters (主宰), and compete for supremacy over the Entropics.[25]

Mid-Order Entropics

Low-Order Entropics


Entropics in Retrocausal Trie Interference:


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