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Entropic Mysterious Warrior Omega

Entropic Mysterious Warrior Omega
Entropic Mysterious Warrior Ω
Full name Entropic Mysterious Warrior Ω
Affiliation Entropics
Class Sniper
Artist Unknown

Entropic Mysterious Warrior Ω is an Entropic enemy in Project Neural Cloud. He is the corrupted version of Mysterious Warrior Omega.


Stats / DataEdit

Entropic Mysterious Warrior Ω has no classification. This boss has two HP gauges.

  • Shield of Binding Darkness: Mysterious Warrior Omega is surrounded by a forcefield, becoming immune to crowd control effects and gaining 100% increased Skill Haste. After every 5 Normal Attacks, gain a HP Shield and the next Normal Attack applies the Bound status (unable to move, cannot dodge, 1 stack removed after taking damage).
  • Crisis Flash (12s): For 8 seconds, moves randomly after making a Normal Attack. Attack Speed increases by 50% after moving. This effect stacks up to 20 times, and all stacks are removed when the Skill ends.
  • Puzzle Trigger (12s): Marks the enemy with the greatest current HP and then dashes to the target's tile after 4 seconds, dealing 50% of the target's current HP in Physical Damage and stunning all surrounding enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Chaotic Break (12s): Deal 3 instances of 65% ATK in Physical Damage per seconds for 5 seconds to enemies within a 2 tile radius. During this time, receiving damage exceeding 30% of self Max HP will stun self for 4 seconds.

He doesn't act and can't be attacked until the 6 Entropic Statue Owl on the field are destroyed.


Entropic Mysterious Warrior Ω is the boss of Inverted Mordent Resonance Stage 3. NPCs Sol and Nascita are provided in the player's team for this fight.