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Entropic Core Shard

Entropic Core Shard
Entropic Core Shard
Full name Entropic Core Shard
Affiliation Entropics
Class Medic
Artist Unknown

Entropic Core Shard is an Entropic enemy in Project Neural Cloud.


Stats / Data

  • Chaotic Tangle: Links all allied units at the start of battle, granting them 40% Damage Reduction. This bonus is removed after this unit is defeated.

Core Shards are often imbued with an extra skill that rewards the player for defeating it, such as Swift Payout (gain 20 additional Cache Coins if defeated within 5 seconds) or Awakened Bloodlust (attacker gains 20% Attack Speed (not stackable) for 8 seconds after targeting Core Shard with a normal attack).


Entropic Core Shards are introduced in Oneiric Odyssey.



  • Called entropy_kernel in game files.
  • Malkira's skill “Call to Desecrate” summons Entropic Core Shards.