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Crash Data Matrix

Crash Data Matrix
Crash Data Matrix
Full name Crash Data Matrix
Affiliation Other
Class Sniper
Artist Unknown

The Crash Data Matrix is a neutral enemy in Project Neural Cloud.


Stats / DataEdit

The Crash Data Matrix is classified as an Object.

  • Data Overflow: Deals damage equal to 2.5% of the target's Max HP (the amount of damage dealt caps at the server's remaining HP) to nearby enemies within 1 tile every 3 seconds, inflicting 2 stacks of Trojan on them. Targets with 6 stacks of Trojan will be Stunned for 2 seconds. (Trojan is a debuff reducing Attack Speed by 10 points.)


The Crash Data Matrix only appears in Chapter 4.


The effect of the Crash Data Matrix can be countered by starting on a Data Adherence effect tile, which makes allies immune to the Crash Data Matrix's skill while granting them the same power.