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Commander Customization


"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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  • Small summary
    • Introduced in the v2.040 client update in August 1st 2019
  • Where to find it
    • Personal Profile
    • Dormitory
    • How to switch between commander or adjutant or fairy to show in friend's dormitory when visiting them
  • How to obtain customizations
    • Gems
    • Rewards
  • How to modify the commander
    • Clothes
    • Coloring Clothes Item Dress Up Random Coloring.png Item Dress Up Specific Coloring.png
    • Emote (Where is it shown anyway?)
  • Maybe create a list of available customizations?
  • Maybe create a commander-simulator to test clothes?
  • Add a section on commander passives
    • Note: To increase the levels of the passives, you simply have to obtain a full costume set, not wearing a full costume set. Each passive has a level attached to it and obtaining full costume sets will raise their specific passives level by 1 level up to a max of 5 or 3 depending on the passive.

Commander Simulation (beta)Edit

Might not load at the beginning. Try to chang the dropdowns once the page is loaded. Be aware: This is a beta and still contains a lot of issues. Feel free to comment on it.

Special Effects PreviewEdit

  • Charming Radiance - The Commander and the Dolls spend a joyful, sunny day by the sea. The cool seawater lends the Commander's skin a healthy luster, making the Commander even more charming!
  • Heated Fumes - During the day, I enjoy the time I spend together with the Dolls. But when night falls, that horrifying battle still haunts me in the dark. I know - "The past is never dead. It's not even past."
  • Will-o'-the-Wisps - Several will-o'-the-wisps flicker over the forgotten graves by the road. Are they fueled by lingering resentment or unfulfilled dreams? I walk pass them unobtrusively, and they follow in equal silence. Perhaps they simply want to illuminate my path…
  • Soul On Fire - "Commander, the hooligans are messing around in our territory again!" "Eh, just let them be."//n "But they're trying to ask the Dolls out..." "Give me a weapon. Imma beat up ten of 'em."
  • Flickering Phantasm - When she strikes the first match, she sees a warm fireplace. When she strikes the second match, she sees a table filled with delicious food. When she strikes the third match, she sees the Commander walking towards her, but this time, it isn't a hallucination…
  • Walking Piggy Bank - Here is an excerpt from the Commander's diary: "...Everything felt very strange at the base today. Kalina and the Dolls were all staring at me really intensely – as if I were a walking piggy bank..."
  • Silent Pillow Fight - Here is an excerpt from the Commander's diary: "...While I was inspecting the dorms tonight, the Dolls were all surprisingly quiet. But I kept feeling a slightly creepy breeze blowing behind me. I wonder if the ventilation system is malfunctioning..."
  • Glory of Blood and Fire - The moment you don this suit of armor, you enter a contract with it. It shall accompany you in your trials of blood and fire until you either return in triumph or meet your demise and return to ashes and dust in the currents of history.
  • Falling Cherry Blossom Beyond Reach - Cherry blossom petals fall from the branch at the speed of five centimeters per second. Passersby in a rush brush past each other on the street at the speed of two meters per second. I can neither grasp the cherry blossom petal nor catch up to you in the crowd.