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Combat Simulation allows you to send your T-Dolls on various training missions. It requires Commander Level 12 to be unlocked.

Performing simulations does not use ammunition or rations, but spends energy. Base Simulaton Energy will be restored to 12 points at 00:00 (UTC +8) everyday. Should you run out, more may be bought from the store. Item Superconducting Energy.png Extra energies are used when your main energy runs out.

The first four simulation are divided into three difficulties; Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Missions of a higher level have a higher difficulty and a correspondingly higher reward.

Reinforcement Exercises

Reinforcement Exercises.
Basic training.
Intermediate training.
Advanced training.

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

Reinforcement Exercises open every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. It provides Item Enhancement Capsule.pngEnhancement Capsules, which the Commander can use to strengthen T-Dolls and HOC units. All training levels involve sending one echelon down a fixed path to fight an enemy echelon. Random nodes that can be found along the way may drop Item Enhancement Capsule.pngEnhancement Capsules or random resources. The higher the difficulty is, the more rewards the Commander can get.

Training Level Base Reward Random Node Reward Max Reward
Basic Item Enhancement Capsule.pngx1 Item Enhancement Capsule.png+1 Item Enhancement Capsule.pngx2
Intermediate Item Enhancement Capsule.pngx2 Item Enhancement Capsule.png+1-2 Item Enhancement Capsule.pngx6
Advanced Item Enhancement Capsule.pngx3 Item Enhancement Capsule.png+2-3 Item Enhancement Capsule.pngx12

See also: T-Doll Enhancement, HOC Enhancement

Data Sampling

Data Sampling.
Team selection screen.

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Data Sampling simulation battle provides Item Basic Training Data.pngItem Intermediate Training Data.pngItem Advanced Training Data.pngTraining Data, which is essential for skill training for both T-Dolls and Fairies. Commander can use any owned T-Doll for this sim, including those who are in the middle of repair, logistic mission, or expedition.

Commander is given a maximum 30 seconds to beat the Training Drone. Successfully beating the drone within the time limit will award the Commander with Item Basic Training Data.pngItem Intermediate Training Data.pngItem Advanced Training Data.pngTraining Data. Faster time corresponds to higher amount of reward.

Training Level Drone HP Max Reward Min. Recommended Team
Basic 10.000 Item Basic Training Data.pngx218 2HG, 3RF
Intermediate 20.000 Item Intermediate Training Data.pngx98 3~4MG, 1~2HG
Advanced 40.000 Item Advanced Training Data.pngx53 3~4MG, 1~2HG

Experience Training

Experience Training.
Basic training.
Intermediate training.
Advanced training.

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Experience Mode is identical to actual combat, with several exceptions. T-Dolls which die in combat here will not lose affection. Additionally, there is no enemy phase and T-Dolls do not consume Ammo or Ration.

Experience Mode cannot be paused once it is started.

Once it is completed, you will receive fixed amount of Combat Report. The amount of Combat Report given is dependent on the difficulty of the mission. Notice that after the client update, you can't receive Surplus EXP in Experience Mode.

Leaving low-level teams you want to level on drop zones and bringing just enough to clear the mobs is an effective strategy for maximizing efficiency, but be careful as the mission will be failed if all T-Dolls are killed. Even if only one T-Doll survives the simulation can be cleared. Furthermore, no additional EXP is awarded to a squad that defeats a mob.

  • Basic EXP training rewards 8 Combat Reports.
  • Intermediate EXP training rewards 32 Combat Reports.
  • Advanced EXP training rewards 96 Combat Reports.

Corridor of Cloud Atlas

Corridor of Cloud Atlas.
Basic training.
Intermediate training.
Advanced training.

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Unlocks at Commander Level 60.

Neural Cloud Corridor is available everyday This simulation battle provides the Commander with Item Memory Fragments.pngMemory Fragments which can be used to perform Digimind Upgrade for eligible T-Dolls. Similar to Capsule Mode, the Commander sends an echelon to clear one enemy echelon down a fixed path riddled with mystery nodes, which may award the Commander with either extra Item Memory Fragments.pngMemory Fragments or random resources.

Training Level Base Reward Random Node Reward Max Reward
Basic Item Memory Fragments.pngx8 Item Memory Fragments.png+3 Item Memory Fragments.pngx11
Intermediate Item Memory Fragments.pngx20 Item Memory Fragments.png+5 Item Memory Fragments.pngx30
Advanced Item Memory Fragments.pngx30 Item Memory Fragments.png+10 Item Memory Fragments.pngx60

See also: T-Dolls with Digimind Upgrade

Defense Drill

Defense Drill.
Echelon selection interface.

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Unlocks after clearing Chapter 2-4 Night.

Defense Drill is a survival mode, it has a fixed cost of 5 energy and you can assign up to 4 T-Doll echelons. The objective is to survive for up to 109 waves, each wave will give you a certain amount of Item Calibration Ticket.pngCalibration Tickets, and every 10 waves there will be a boss which rewards you a package with resources, gems, and Calibration Tickets. The rewards increase with each passing wave.

Wave Checkpoint Rewards:

Wave Resources Item Manpower.pngItem Ammo.pngItem Rations.png / Item Parts.png Calibration Ticket Item Calibration Ticket.png Gems Icon gem.png
10 300 / 100 5 5
20 600 / 200 10 5
30 900 / 300 15 10
40 1200 / 400 20 10
50 1500 / 500 25 15
60 1800 / 600 30 15
70 2100 / 700 35 20
80 2400 / 800 40 20
90 2700 / 900 45 25
100 3000 / 1000 50 25
Total: 16500 / 5500 275 150

Keep in mind that progress is saved and thus Commanders cannot go back to earlier wave stages, this also means that packages are a one time reward and cannot be re-obtained. Importantly, losing with one echelon will result in a complete loss, regardless of remaining echelon status. Additionally, retreating an echelon or attempting to exit a defense drill run will result in a loss as well. If a Commander loses, they will receive a checkpoint, which is the wave after whichever boss wave was last defeated.

The enemy composition changes between 5 and 10 waves and gets increasingly stronger each wave. At the later stages of the Drill, you will most likely need specialized compositions to get through, as there will be difficult night battles. Once you've completed all waves, you will start at wave 101, this means that you will no longer obtain First Clear Rewards and will only be able to farm Item Calibration Ticket.png Calibration Tickets after fully completing the Drill to wave 109.

See also: Equipment/Fairy Calibration

Sangvis Cultivation

Sangvis Cultivation.

With the arrival of Protocol Assimilation, Sangvis Cultivation simulation battle is added to provide Coalition units with items needed for their growth and upgrade.

What makes it different with other simulation is the Commander cannot use their own T-Dolls for this simulation. Instead, Commander will be provided with random selection of T-Dolls for each simulation mode that will be refreshed on a weekly basis. These T-Dolls are level 100, fully-linked, well-equipped (fully enhanced and calibrated), and came with max skill level. Enemy lineup is also refreshed on a weekly basis. Each mode will get a different enemy lineup, which consists of one of the three opposing forces; Sangvis Ferri, KCCO, and Paradeus.

This sim battle consists of three modes. It uses different type of sim energy, which recharge at the same rate as the standard sim energy. Each mode has their own bonus day. During bonus day, reward received will get multiplied by three. Sunday will grant bonus for all mode. Commander can also gain extra reward by clearing the sim under par time, 10-20%, which will yield 10-20% extra reward.

Training Choice Bonus Day Base Reward Max Reward
EXP Simulation Monday
x10-12 x30-36
Dev. Simulation Tuesday
Item Petri Dish.pngx6-8 Item Petri Dish.png18-22
Data Simulation Wednesday
Item Basic Training Keycode.pngItem Advanced Training Keycode.png x70-84 Item Basic Training Keycode.pngItem Advanced Training Keycode.png x210-252

Target Practice

Target Practice.

After its showcasing in July 2020 Summer Livestream, Target Practice mode is finally live with v2.0600. This simulation battle is a sandbox-like feature, where Commanders can commence tests for Unit compositions and battle performance without going through actual combat missions. This serves as an easy way to learn more about Enemy Formations, T-Doll Formations, and to gather other combat-related data.

Basic Info:

  • Open Everyday
  • DOESN'T CONSUME RESOURCES (Manpower / Fairy Commands / Repairs / Energy / Etc.)
  • Allows Echelon Formations of up to 5 T-Dolls, 1 Fairy, and 4 HOCs
  • Alternatively, Coalition Unit Echelons may be used...
    • ALL units must come from a Commander's Personal Armory
    • Units may be used regardless of current status (Combat / Repair / Training / Etc.)

General Features:

  • Target Practice contains four types of Exercises
    • Customized Target - A Training Drone with Customizable settings
    • Drill Target - Preset Enemy Echelons with Customizable Environment and Difficulty
    • Special Target - Limited-Time Challenge fights with High-Difficulty Enemies
    • Target Saving - Copying Select enemy formations, with a few Limitations
  • Target Customizations: Custom Target Settings
    • Environment - Day or Night Battle (-90% Accuracy Penalty)
    • Target Strength - Levels 1-5
      • Recommended Commander Level: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100; respectively
    • Target HP - Normal and Invincible
      • Normal (Target takes Damage)
      • Invincible (HP Unaffected by Damage)
  • Special Target Ranking: (Limited-Time)
    • Time Spent: Shorter duration equals higher rank; Faster is better
    • Casualty: Smaller the casualty, higher the rank; Less damage taken the better

Advanced Features:

  • Enemy Formation Preview: Allows Commanders to see enemy formations before entering the simulation.
  • Combat Details Displays Battle Statistics
    • Left Side: Target Settings/Customizations
      • Overall Damage dealt, Time spent, Force Field, and Damage taken (T-Dolls)
    • Right Side: T-Doll/Coalition/Fairy/HOC formation
      • Individual Damage, HP lost, and HP/Force Shield Destroyed
  • Challenge Records: Tracks Commanders' personal challenge attempts; up to 20 entries
    • Records the Date/Time, Target CE, Strength, and Echelon/HOC formation of each attempt

Customized Target

Training Drone - A highly customizable Target for damage testing.


  • Day
  • Night

Stats (None / Low / Medium / High / Very High):

  • Icon eva.png Evasion
  • Icon armor.png Armor
  • Shield
  • Icon Skill Invincible.png Force
Secondary Bar Selects Percentage: 30  50  70  100 %

Target Strength Slider:

  • Strength Level 1-5: Increases HP (Per Dummy)
    • 5,000 | 10,000 | 20,000 | 40,000 | 100,000; Respectively

Target HP:

  • Normal
  • Invincible

Target Formation:

  • Max (5 Dummy-Link)
  • Single (1 Dummy-Link)

Drill Target


Enemy Echelon Formations (Enemy Index) - Standard enemy echelons, no Boss fights.



  • Day
  • Night

Enemy Formations / Target Strength:

  • Features various Enemy Echelons called Drill Targets. Using the Formation Presets, alongside the Target Strength Slider (Levels 1-5), Commanders may choose from a variety of Enemy Formations to practice against.

Target HP:

  • Normal
  • Invincible

Target Damage:

  • Open
  • Close (Enemy Attacks Deal No Damage)

Challenge Exercises

Special Target Function:
"【Target Practice】Thanks to information obtained from【...】, we can now simulate more powerful enemy units so Commanders may better prepare themselves. While the event is active, challenge data and completion times will be recorded to help Commanders learn from each other." Challenges consisting of Limited-Time "Special Target" formations. These are typically Boss and Elite fights taken from Major and Collaborative Story events, such as the boss battle with M16A1, or the challenge fight against "Pinoccio" (RF Carcano M91∕38Thumb button.pngCarcano M91∕38 ) during the GSG collab.

Boss/Elite Formations (Special)
Limited Time Challenge Ranking
  • Time Spent: Shorter duration equals higher rank; Faster is better
  • Casualty: Smaller the casualty, higher the rank; Less damage taken the better

Target Saving

Target Adding Infographic (In-game Introduction).

During normal battles, the "Add Target" button will be available when checking details of an enemy from the map, when pausing in combat and when a battle is failed. 20 stacks can be saved this way. Useful for testing if your echelons can handle a stack before attempting the mission.

Customization options are the same as Drill Target except for the Target Strength slider.

Limitations: ...