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PastryChef is a Catering model from UAS that specializes in crafting fine desserts and pastries.

Every doll of this model shares the same cloud database, which is maintained by a special UAS catering team. This team is responsible for coming up with new dessert and pastry recipes and subsequently updating all existing PastryChef models with these new specifications (sometimes free-of-charge, sometimes for a fee).

Choco is a special PastryChef model, as she is the result of a collaboration between UAS and an international chocolatier competition. This resulted in all subsequent PastryChef SP models being designated as chocolatiers.

Choco was by no means specifically sought out for the Project Neural Cloud. In formulating a list of names, 42Lab selected a number of PastryChef SP dolls as a way of working with UAS to test new and emerging confidential technology. It just so happened Choco happened to be the newest model produced in this series.

Doll Profile 1Edit

PastryChef SP dolls are very different from their standard factory-made counterparts, in that they do not share a base module. With the exception of their core design all being that of a chocolatier, there are no overlapping similarities between them. Choco is the only female model in the series. It is said that she was modeled after a beautiful young lady who won the previous championship.

Although their peripheral parts may not be a perfect fit, their Neural Cloud System is a completely different story. Ever since she was asked to join Project Neural Cloud, a day hasn't gone by where Choco hasn't been busy. In private, even her chief designer has bemoaned about her incorrigible nature, going so far as to say that they should make her appear more juvenile in order to match her personality.

Doll Profile 2Edit

Choco dedicates most of her time to coming up with new chocolate desserts. Despite the fact she is a PastryChef SP model capable of receiving instantaneous technique updates, Choco still prefers to rely on her own technical prowess alone to come up with fresh and exciting recipes.

To this end, Choco wrote up a lengthy "To-Research" list to delve into during her free time. Her hope is to create a new dish that will allow her to bring home the gold in the next international chocolatier competition.

Choco is also fond of traveling in her spare time. In order to refine her own creations, she partakes in various dessert-making competitions during her travels, and siphon inspiration from them.

Even though not every contest provides an opportunity for self-improvement, Choco never tires of participating. For her, simply having an opportunity to create desserts is more than enough to make her happy.

Doll Profile 3Edit

When Choco was still with UAS, she and Sakuya's positions intersected. The enterprise arranged for Sakuya to design a garden for Choco centering on cocoa trees which would be for both agricultural and viewing purposes. Choco also would often have Sakuya try out her new culinary creations.

In time, the two developed a deep friendship. They even stayed in touch after Sakuya went off to work at the Toyoshima House.

One of UAS's classic chocolate brands is thanks to an incident that occurred in Sakuya's room. In a burst of inspiration, Choco took the bonsai placed on Sakuya's shelves and crushed them up to use as ingredients for chocolate. Unsurprisingly, the resulting chocolate was practically inedible, and Sakuya refused to speak with Choco for a long time afterwards.

To ask Sakuya for forgiveness, Choco took some chocolate and molded it into the shape of several bonsais, which was the genesis of the current best-seller that is the Chocolate Candy Tree.

Doll Profile 4Edit

UAS holds regular symposiums for PastryChef models which consist of two segments: baking and tasting. All of the chefs present will present their latest creations, and both sample and discuss these desserts with their fellow peers.

Choco is something of a celebrity in these meetings. One cause of this is due to how she consistently creates items that simultaneously provoke and amuse the attendees, and the other is due to her infectious smile, which she often flashes when sampling the various chocolates.

"The joy she feels when eating is palpable. Seeing the pure bliss on her face really gives you a new sense of appreciation for chocolate."
—Symposium Message Board 1

"She's a bit of a handful, but undeniably adorable."
—Symposium Message Board 2

Doll Profile 5Edit

Despite a string of misfortunes after joining Project Neural Cloud, Choco has never given up her aspirations. To her, making desserts is the end all and be all; everything else pales in comparison.

When she first found out that she would be unable to return to the real world, Choco did not have any real reaction. If anything, she used it as an excuse to devote herself even more to creating new chocolate variants. Choco wants to open a "House of Cocoa" not only in the Oasis, but through all of Magrasea so that it can exist in the hearts and minds of every agent in the cloud.

"Oh, so I can't go back right now? In that case... when are you going to build me a Coco House, Professor? I still have to wait in line to use the oven..."
"Sad? Well... not too much... maybe a little when I get hungry... hehe."
—Doll Psychological Evaluation Recording