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Centaureissi - Unbound Wings

Centaureissi - Unbound Wings
Centaureissi - Unbound Wings
Full name Centaureissi - Unbound Wings
Index 1080
Rarity 3
Class Sniper
Affiliation/Company Universal Anything Services
Voice actor Koshimizu Ami
Artist 薯子Imoko
Released on CN (桑朵莱希·淬翼)
Arma Inscripta No

Playable character in Project Neural Cloud. Divergent version of CentaureissiCentaureissi .



This unit is available in Advanced Search some time after its introduction banner, some Targeted Search (banners marked as "Limited") and some Exclusive Search. It may be the rate-up unit in certain Targeted Search banners (marked as "Limited"). It can also be unlocked from its index page by gathering 90 Neural Fragments during events.

Stats / DataEdit

Initial stats scalingEdit

Type Rating
Attack Growth
Hashrate Growth
HP Growth
Physical DEF Growth
Operand DEF Growth

Stats (for CN server)Edit

How to use
 Max HP  Crit Rate
 Attack  Crit Damage
 Hashrate  Physical Penetration
 Physical Defense  Operand Penetration
 Operand Defense  Dodge Rate
 Attack Speed  Post-battle HP Regen


Algorithm SlotsEdit

White tiles are unlocked by default. Blue tiles are unlocked by upgrading the Doll. Black tiles cannot be used.

  Offense   Stability   Special

Preferred and Disliked GiftsEdit

Background infoEdit

The Butler-36 domestic servant Doll Centaureissi was selected for Project Neural Cloud due to her self-growing emotional system and combat modules on par with some military Dolls. After joining the Oasis, Centaureissi improved the Professor's everyday life and became an important member of the logistics department. She may be strict, but Centaureissi is also considerate and meticulous, and is respected and beloved by the agents of the Oasis. One normal day, Centaureissi accidentally accessed a locked memory segment in her neural cloud and fell into a deep sleep. With the help of the Professor, she overcame many difficulties and eventually awakened with optimized cognitive and combat modules. Her Projection was updated accordingly to be more suited for combat. Her and the Professor have also grown closer too, as this new appearance seems to bear some deeper meaning to them both.[1]



Main artworks

Alternate artworks

Alternate expressions


  • In this form, Centaureissi wields the same weapon as her counterpart outside Magrasea, AR G36 G36 G36 from Girls' Frontline.[2]
  • The way she uses her knives in her first neural expansion is in reference to Sakuya from Touhou project, who is also a knife-throwing maid.
  • Called centaureissisp in game files.