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CAWS Quotes Live2D

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition HKCAWS,为您服务。不需要什么额外的欢迎……你给钱,我干活就好。 HK CAWS、歓迎なら必要ない。報酬分の仕事するだけだし。Play HKCAWS, at your service. No need for any particular ceremonies... You provide the funds, I'll get to work.
Secretary 格里芬是个好地方,你想听我这么说的话我也可以再说几遍。但说实话,我还是觉得这种工作看不到未来啊。 グリフィンはいい所だねって言って欲しいのなら、なんどでも言うけど。でも正直の話、先が見える仕事じゃないと思う。Play G&K is a nice place, I can repeat that as many time as you want me. But to be honest, I can't see any future for works like this.
我为什么在这里发呆?当然是因为分给我的工作都已经完成了啊。 なんでここでぼーっとしてるのって?仕事を全部終わらせたから決まってるでしょ?Play Why am I spacing out? Because I've done all the work you gave me.
抱怨归抱怨,该尽的职责我不会放松半分。毕竟靠这个拿钱。不过要让我热爱这份工作的话……那还是免了吧。 愚痴様を言いてたって、仕事はきちんとこなすよ。これでお金貰ってる訳だし。でも、仕事「」強要されるのはごめんだよ。Play Sure I may bitch and whine a lot, but I will still fulfill my duties, after all I am earning my wages. But if you want me to love this job...? Maybe not.
Secretary (post OATH)
Don't get too close... no I'm not unwell, I'm just not used to it. But if one day you end up switching jobs, remember to bring me with you... I'll be able to help.
An additional request? This is such a strange one, but if you want it then go for it. After all even I'm unable to resist spectacular humans. You prepaid so much wages, I won't be able to resign any time soon. I will continue to be by your side from now, I'll be counting on you from now.
Greeting おはよう。ん?これって普通の挨拶じゃないの?Play Good morning. Hm? Isn't that a typical greeting?
T-Doll Produced ここに運配属されたのが運の尽きだね。可哀想に…Play I was assigned here out of my own pure luck. Oh, you poor thing you...
Joining an echelon いいんじゃない?ご自由にどうぞ。Play Sure, why not? Whatever you say.
Enhancement 悪くない感じ。Play Not bad at all.
Dummy-linking 人数に増えるのはいいことだね。これでもっと安全になる。Play It's a good thing when there's more people around. It feels more secure that way.
Logistics (start) こんな仕事、民間の人形にやらせるべきじゃないの?行くけどさぁ…Play Isn't this kind of job better suited for a private doll? Fine, I'm going...
Logistics (end) 戻ったよ。はい、物資のリスト。目を「」おいてねPlay We're back. Here, a list of supplies. Please keep an eye on it.
Autobattle なら、私の実力見せてあげるよ。Play Very well, let me show you my skills.
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 行くよ。さっさと終わらせて家に帰る。Play Come on, let's get this over with and go home.
Starting a battle こっちはグリフィンから貰うもの貰ってるから、意味分かる?Play This is what I get from Griffin, you understand?
Skill activation 貰うもの貰ったしね。Play I got what I got.
安全第一。Play Safety first.
壊れろ!Play Break it!
Heavily damaged ぐ…雑魚の部材で…Play Geh...these are just small fry...
Retreat 負けちゃったか…まあ、こういう仕事だから。Play We got beat, huh...welp, that comes with the territory.
MVP 当然でしょう。Play Just as expected.
Restoration こうなるだろうと思ってた、つまらない。お菓子食べたい。Play Just as I thought it would be: boring. I wanna eat sweets.
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 下さらない日。どうせみんな仮装でそう?ハロウィンらしい言葉が欲しいって?分かった、さっき仮装してないやつらはうちの人形じゃない、知てた?Play A pointless day. Anyway, everyone's all dressed up. You want to hear something Halloween-like? Very well. Those who weren't dressed up earlier weren't our dolls, you know?
Christmas クリスマスの願い事は、もっと信頼出来る会社に転職することかな。その前にちょっと付き合ったあげてもいいけど。あ、安心して。お金取ったりしないから。Play My Christmas wish is to be able to get more trustful company when I switch jobs. But before that, I'll keep you company for a while. Don't worry, I won't take your money or anything.
New Year's Day こんな日に基地出る巣版したくない。せっかくお正月だし、外の空気ついに行こうよ。


I don't want to stay cooped up like this on a day like today. It's New Year's, so let's go outside.
Valentine's day 手作りチョコなんて朝飯前。え、苦過ぎる?バレンタインは100%のビッターチョコは決まってるでしょう?


Handmade chocolates from just before breakfast. Eh, too bitter? Didn't you know that Valentine's chocolate made with 100% cacao would be bitter chocolate?
Tanabata 星にお願いなんて必要するないよ。星より強い人会うまでは。でも、実際にやちゃったら願い事する前にやられちゃうけど


I don't need to ask the stars. I'm already stronger than them. However, if you choose to ask them, it'll be over before your wish was even made.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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