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Acquisition 镪镪~博查特C93前来报道!喔——我认识您,您是个名人呢。哼哼,在这里应该有不少让我也能够出名的机会吧! じゃんじゃん!Borchardtピストル、入隊します!うわあ、あたし知ってる!あんたは有名人だよね?


Ta-daaah~ Borchardt C-93, reporting! Ohhh— I know you, you're famous! Hehe, there ought to be a lot of chances for me to make a name for myself here...
Secretary 哼哼♪~问我为什么那么开心?嘻嘻,我终于想好媒体采访时说的话了。想听?那我就破例告诉指挥官吧!“我首先要感谢我的祖国、我的指挥官,还有……”啊——指挥官你为什么走了呀? 何がそんなに楽しいって?いひひひ、実は、ようやくインタービウの答えを思いついたの!聞きたい?じゃあ、特別に教えてしてあげる、コ本ン。まずは「祖国に、指揮官に感謝を、そして…」うわあ!なんで行っちゃうのよ?Play Hehe♪~ Why am I so happy, you ask? I finally figured out what I'm going to say when the media interviews me. Want to hear? Then I'll make an exception and tell you, Commander! "I'd like to thank the Fatherland, my Commander, and..." hey, why are you walking off, Commander?
指挥官,有记者来采访啦!……您说不想抛头露面?……是有什么担忧吗?那我也不去了,因为只有和您站在一起,我才能被称为最出名的人形嘛。 指揮官、記者さんがインタービウしに来た!思ってに出たくない?何が心配事でもあるの?じゃああたしも行かない!あんたと一緒じゃなかったら、一番の有名な人形になれないから!Play Commander, a reporter's come for an interview! ...You don't want to make a public appearance? ...Are you worried about something? Then I'm not going either. After all, I only deserve to be called the most famous Doll when I'm standing with you.
我身边萦绕的蝴蝶,其实是我把花粉涂在身上才吸引来的,为什么?因为我喜欢它们呀,还有毛毛虫啦、蜘蛛啦之类的。呜,指挥官的表情怎么逐渐奇怪起来啦? 身の回りの蝶々はね、身体に花粉をつけて引き合わせてきたんだ!なぜって?だって、好きなんだもん!芋虫…蜘蛛とかも!指揮官、顔色だんだん悪くなってるよ?Play Actually, the butterflies around me were attracted by the pollen I applied to myself. Why? Because I like them, along with caterpillars and spiders and so on. Huh? Why is your expression growing weirder and weirder?
Secretary (post OATH)
Although I've always wanted to make a name for myself... the truth is that I was afraid of being lost among countless other Dolls. Perhaps I wanted someone to find someone as unremarkable as me. ...I'm the best? Thank you, my beloved.
This place is so pretty... did you call me here for a reason, Commander? ...! Is, is this really for me? Although I'm not that famous, the look in your eyes is serious... Yeah, I do. I also want to know you much, much better... I'll be in your care from now on.
Greeting 指揮官、マスコミからのインタービウはあるかな?Play Commander, has the media arrived to conduct any interviews?
T-Doll Produced 新人が来たね!有名なの?Play A newcomer has arrived! Is she famous?
Joining an echelon あの部隊は有名そうだね!指揮官、あたしあっち行きたい!Play That unit is quite famous! Commander, I want to go there!
Enhancement うん!少し目標へ近づけた!ん?目標って?もちろん、一番有名な人形になること!Play Yes! Just a little closer to my goal! Hm? What is my goal, you ask? Of course, to become the world's most famous doll!
Dummy-linking 編成拡大したら自明どもグッドあげるよね?ん?そんなことないの?Play
Logistics (start) そこで待ってて!驚くほどの戦果を持って来るから!Play Wait right there! I'll be sure to bring back excellent results!
Logistics (end) どう?報告のヘッドラインにたれる戦果でしょ?Play Well? Did the results of the report make the headlines?
Autobattle 指揮官に頼まれた以上!チームを率いて輝く戦績の残すしかないね!Play I was asked by the Commander! I guess I have no choice but to use my brilliant record and lead the team!
Title 少女前线! ドールズフロントライン!


소녀전선! Girls' Frontline!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 輝いて見せよ!Play Watch me sparkle!
Starting a battle 華麗に「」してやる!Play Let us perform brilliantly!
Skill activation あんたはいい踏み台だね!Play You make a good springboard!
よく見てて!Play Watch carefully!
Heavily damaged 大丈夫!マインモニターはまだ破壊されてない!Play It's alright! The main monitor hasn't been destroyed yet!
Retreat うぐう…気が早かったのかな…Play Ugh...I wonder if I was too quick...
MVP えへへへ、これでもっと有名になれる!Play Ehehe, now I'll become even more famous!
Restoration 人名の上げ…失敗…Play My claim to fame...failure...
Attack Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 指揮官!ハロウィンアイドル企画を考案したけどどう?企画のないよ?それはね…ハロウィンでハイプが決定されたグリフィンを作るために!全然だめ?なんで?Play Commander! How about a Halloween idol project? No plans? Is that right...then let's get Griffin hyped up for Halloween! Eh? Absolutely not? But why?!
Christmas 今日は成人が光臨する日。だから指揮官は夜は楽しみにしててよ!とっても有名のサンタさんが靴下の中にプレゼントをいれるんだよ!靴下が小さ過ぎて入らない?難題だね!Play
New Year's Day 指揮官、新しい一年もよろしくね!今年は一緒に歴史に奈央残すことを目指そう!


Valentine's day 1…2…3…よし!指揮官、ちょっと来て!いい?この箱はあんたの部屋でしか開けちゃだめ!爆弾?違うよ!有名なあたしが作ったチョコだよ…ああ!バレタ!


1...2...3...right! Commander, got a sec? Listen up. You can only open this box when you're in your room! A bomb? No! This is a chocolate made by the famous me...Ahhh! Bullet!
Tanabata 今日はあんまり有名な日じゃないみたいなんだけど、ちょっと調べさせて。あ!東方のバレンタインデイだったのか?今日はなにすれば有名になれるんだろう?そうだ!あたしとデートしてよ!


It doesn't seem to be a very famous day today, let me find out. Ah! Is it Valentine's Day in the East? How do I become famous today? That's it! You should take me on a date!

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