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Full name AA-02 Sinner
Affiliation KCCO
Released on CN, TW, KR
Chibi animation

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An enhanced model of heavily armed bipedal walker unit used by the army. Out of the four Ares deployed during Polarized Light, Yegor ends up piloting one of them, and later becomes a boss fight.

Stats / Data

  • Classification: Boss
  • Damage: Varies
  • Accuracy: Moderate
  • Attack range: high
  • Health: Extreme
  • Armor value: Low
  • Evasion: Minor
  • Movement speed: Slow/Leaps


Makes their first appearance in Major Event Polarized Light.


Ares are formidable units and players should plan strategically before tackling them, for they present to be a problem even for high level, well equipped, fairy supported doll echelons. Ares units are encountered several times in Polarized Light event, but only two nodes they are the map objectives, in which players are obligated to fight them.

Upon entering the combat scene, Ares units leaps forward in a flashy animation into the doll's firing range, and soon begins to fire upon the closest doll with the arm cannon auto attacks, these attacks can be easily avoided by dolls with high evasion ratings, and does not hurt much. After couple of rounds of auto attacks Ares will deploy a shield, open the rocket pod and start telegraphing its attacks, players will realise some of the telegraphed covered areas exceeds 4, meaning an echelon of 5 dolls cannot fit in all the available safe zones. Instead players should focus on depleting Ares' shield, upon the shield's depletion Ares' attack will cancel and enter a stagger animation, thus the attack is essentially a DPS check. If unable to break the projected shield, Ares will continue to mark areas for rocket attacks until shield depletion.

Ares' special attack uses its shoulder laser weapon, when fighting Yegor's Ares unit this attack plays an animation slide and display the attack name as Sinner's Punishment (Suspected to be activated whenever a portion of health is taken off, once at 75%, once more at 30%), this attack will telegraph the entire echelon and there is no safe spots, it deals a couple of ticks of damage to every doll on the field. It also serves as an invulnerability frame for Ares.

In both Polarized Light combat nodes where Ares units are the objectives, players can find various items on the map to assist them in fighting these monstrosities. Such as EMP grenades, mortar positions and abandoned Golyat bombs, EMP grenades and Golyat bombs can be picked up by player echelons, where as mortar positions requires an active echelon sitting on it to use. EMP grenades can reduce the enemy stats for that turn when thrown at the target on the next node, Golyat bombs can be planted like a mine and detonates at the end of that turn, where as mortar positions can attack nodes next to it, both Golyat and mortar explosions reduces the enemy's HP value, as indicated by the reduced combat effectiveness value after detonation.

It is absolutely imperative that players should use EMP grenades on Ares before facing off against them in combat! For EMP grenades effects all the attacks and especially Sinner's Punishment, when under the effect of EMP, this attack will do significantly less damage to player echelons. Since this attack can also hit the rear line damage dealers, and the fight itself has various DPS check points, the EMP grenades has the most impact on the outcome of the fight, for the sake of reduced damage taken. When managed well, one echelon can potentially fight all 3 units of Ares back-to-back present on the event map.

Other notes and tactics on Ares:

  • The fight against Yegor is the same as the previous combat node, but Yegor's Ares unit has significantly more health and shielding strength, further more HOC assistance is not available on the map.
  • DPS check deploys the shield without much fore warning, it is advised to take continuous damage output dolls in an echelon like AR and RF dolls, players can also manually toggle skill activation so they can command their dolls to power-up when shields are deployed, additionally players can seek assistance from HOC unit(s) fire supports. Ares units also boast armour values, which means dolls who has armour piercing values, high damage values, and/or capable of raising self damage values are preferred candidates.
  • Ares does not have much accuracy and evasion rating when under the effect of EMP, players can actually equip their echelon with day combat equipment for better damage output, and/or run multiple DPS oriented SMG units for the same purpose.
  • HG type T-Doll HG HS2000Thumb button.pngHS2000 's shielding ability can come in handy, for both the Sinner's Punishment attack and capable of shielding some of the telegraphed rocket splashes, shielding dolls who are about to be damaged by the rocket splash so they can stand still and keep damage uptime.

Lore / Story involvement

Ares is a highly advanced mechanized walker, boasts a wide amount of different type weapon, energy, projectiles and missiles, as well as defensive arrays on top of fast mobility. First hinted during chapter 3 of Polarized Light, where Yegor made comments saying that he still had a 'Joker' card in his deck. Soon in chapter 4 the card is revealed as a group of rapidly approaching walkers, they were sighted on the battlefield, far more mobile than all the other military vehicles and units, the tide of the battle turned to Yegor's favour with the walkers' arrival. Through the live video feeds K identified these walkers as an enhanced mechanized model.

Visually Ares units appears menacing, both arms are projectile cannons, both shoulders carries extra armaments, a long barrel energy based weapon on one and a rocket pod on the other. The pilot's cockpit is completely sealed off behind the armour and battlefield observation relies purely on sensor arrays, capable of detecting different wavelengths. On top of the cockpit, a device suspected to be a shield projector can be found. Ares are incredibly agile for it's size and armour, capable of rapid turning, forward backward leaps, side-to-side strafes, experienced pilots can even manoeuvrers the unit with only one functional leg, as demonstrated by Yegor when he faced off against all members of DEFY at the same time.


  • In the script, K identifies the Ares units as 'Sin Bearer', it is likely the Chinese name for this unit.