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|info= {{Stub}}
Index Descriptions:
*CN: 拥有空袭打击的能力,平日可用于高空作业。
*EN: Conducts airstrikes. Can be used in overhead work on regular days.
Introduction Lines:
*CN: “你们真的……不是在说谎吗?”
*EN: "Heheh. You don't seem to have learned anything other than running away."
|releasedon={{doll_server_alias|server=CN|alias=Airstrike Fairy}}, {{doll_server_alias|server=TW|alias=Airstrike Fairy}}, {{doll_server_alias|server=KR|alias=Airstrike Fairy}}, {{doll_server_alias|server=EN|alias=Airstrike Fairy}}
|skillname = Fatal Air Raid
|skilldesc = Launches airstrike in the next fight, deals 500 damage to all enemy units.
|skillcost = 3
|min_dmg = 4.8%
|max_dmg = 30.0%
|min_acc = 8.0%
|max_acc = 50.0%
|min_eva = 6.4%
|max_eva = 40.0%
|min_armor = 1.6%
|max_armor = 10.0%
|craft = 3:40:00
*The airstrike fairy have design features resembling the American A-10 Warthog attacker aircraft.

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