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Affection is a representation of how close your T-Dolls bond is. Naturally, there are multiple ways to gain and lose affection. Gaining affection to certain levels grants stat bonuses. Upon obtaining any T-Doll their affection will always start at 50 / 100.



  • Tap "Formation" on Main Screen
  • Select the T-Doll to view and tap the "+" inside the magnifying glass
  • Affection will be the pink meter labeled with the number of points (e.g. "♥︎-- / 100")

Gaining/Losing Affection

There are several ways to lose and get affection so fight hard and be careful! A loss will likely affect your whole team.

Gaining Affection

  • Affection can be gained gradually as your T-Dolls fight and win battles. Leader and MVP will earn more affection.
    • Gain will consistently be +1 affection point per/ 10,000 exp if T-Doll has at least 50 / 100 affection. As a note, dummy link exp bonus doesn't count toward affection gain
  • Dormitory
    • Checking in daily gives you a chance to gain affection for your T-Dolls, however this may be affected by the coziness level of the dormitory itself. (Note: only will apply to whoever is currently in any dormitory at that moment. Moving or replacing T-Dolls will most likely not gain affection until the next day.)
    • You can also acquire gifts from procurement and giving them to the T-Doll of your choice will gain affection for them too
    • Lastly, costumes given to your T-Dolls can also raise affection.

Losing Affection

  • Affection is most commonly lost if one of your T-Dolls dies during a battle. The T-Doll killed will lose 10 affection points and the rest of the team will lose 5 points.
    • If all of your T-Dolls dies then they will all lose 10 affection points
  • Unlike dying, if a single T-Doll retreats, no one on the team will lose affection
    • If the whole team retreats or the enemies reach the very left of the screen, they will NOT lose affection
  • Dying in boss fights or in combat simulation battles will NOT affect affection.

Affection Buffs

Getting high affection is important, because it offers you stat boosts and the ability to Oath a T-Doll, while optional is just as important!

Affection Buffs

When your T-Doll's affection meter reaches 90/100, that T-Doll will receive a stat boost!

  • +5% for Damage, Accuracy, and Evasion


When your T-Doll's affection reaches 100, a small heart symbol will appear on her card. You'll also have the choice to carry out an OATH with her. Tap the button with the ring symbol next to the affection meter. An OATH certificate cost 580 diamonds. On top of being able to purchase directly from the in game store, the certificate itself is often included in gem costume bundles and discount bundles of the month, which are arguably more worth the price. An Oathed T-Doll will have a ring symbol on her card; this will increase the maximum affection meter from 100 to 150.

  • Decreases repair time by 30%.
  • Additional Voice Line when set as an adjutant.

When the affection level reaches 140/150, the T-Doll gains another stat boosts.

  • +5% for Damage, Accuracy, and Evasion (stacks with the +5% buffs listed above. Totalling in a +10% affection stat bonus)

Modified dolls

For Oathed T-Dolls, upon reaching modification stage 3, their affection gauge will be expanded to a maximum value of 200, when their affection level reaches 190/200, the T-Doll will gain another stat boosts.

  • +5% for Damage, Accuracy, and Evasion (stacks with both of the +5% buffs listed above. Totalling in a +15% affection stat bonus)
  • Non-Oathed T-Dolls affection cap will remain at 100 even after modifications.